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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.6

Short description: A script to mark players on map.

Date: 2014-04-23 19:23

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Dynamic Player Markers


A script to mark players on map.
All markers are created locally.
Designed to be dynamic, small and fast.
Shows driver/pilot, vehicle name and number of passengers.
Click vehicle marker to unfold its passengers list.
Lets BTC mark unconscious players.
Shows Norrin's revive unconscious units.
Shows who is in control of UAV unit.

Installation / Usage:
In (client's) init do: init.sqf:
0 = [] execVM "player_markers.sqf"; 
no options, default behaviour is used:
will show players for your side in multiplayer
or you and all ais on your side in singleplayer

to change this you can add any of the following options
"players" will show players
"ais" will show ais
"allsides" will show all sides not only the units on player's side

this will show all players and all ais, you can add allsides if you want to show all sides:
0 = ["players","ais"] execVM 'player_markers.sqf';
once you add any of these default behaviour is not used

- Added optional options

- Shows who is in control of UAV
- Replaced all icons with arrow, player's arrow is bigger
- Plenty more can't remember

- Added: number of passengers, click to see passenger names

- Initial release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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