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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: This script will hide objects with a misson maker defined class nameand replace them fence with another type of ojbect defined by the mission maker.

Date: 2014-04-23 20:36

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Fence Cut / Repair


I've have made two scripts that you can download here in the form of a demo mission.

The first is a fence / wall repair script that allows a mission maker to repair fences in a defined area the result been no gaps in fences on the map in the defined area. A readme is included on how to edit this along with the demo mission. The script works by hiding any object of a classname given by a mission maker and replaces them with another objected defined by the mission maker this new object is placed in the same position and at the same angle and pitch as the object it is replacing.

The second is a fence cut script that allows any player with a tool kit to cut down any fence available by default in arma3 that you have placed, as well some of the fences that are on the map by default such as the fences around airports. You can also edit this script to include fences from your own mods. See the readme included to learn how to uses / edit this script.

A friend asked me to make the fence cutting script and gave sxp2high BTK's fence cutting script as an example of what he would like the script to do. I started this project from scratch but borrowed his attaching a pair of pliers to a players hand while cutting the fences idea as it looks cool! I thought I'd put share my finished work on here as it might be useful to someone.

If you find any bugs feal free to report them here I'll try and look at any problems there might be when I get time.

Installation / Usage:
In this demo we replace all damaged fences around altis main airport with an undamaged version.

How to get it to to work:
place a map marker on the map the default name for this marker should be "centrefeild" (see Editing notes for more detail).
Place the BW_Fence_Fix folder included in this download into your missions folder.
Add the init.sqf to your mission as well. Or if you already have an init.sqf add this line:
[] execVM "BW_Fence_Fix\RepairAirPortFence.sqf";

Go into "BW_Fence_Fix\RepairAirPortFence.sqf" and look for the section bellow "// Options" (line 9).
Here you will find sevral options that can be edited as bellow:

_MarkerName = "Name"; // The centre of the area to be affected. This can be any name but must relate to a map markers name you have placed.
_RadiusAroundMarkerName = 1200; // Radius around your marker to be affected. Default is 1200m.
_RemoveType = "Class_Name1"; // Classname of object to be removed. This must always be a class name. See limitations for more details on what can be used.
_ReplaceType = "Class_Name2"; // Classname of object that will replaced removed object. This must always be a class name. See limitations for more details on what can be used.

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It will not work on all fence / wall types already on the map due to an inconsitanceys in the way bis has made
their maps. It will work on the fence types around altis airport for example, but not on the fences around
the solar power station to the south of the airport. Its a case of trail and error to see what will work.

Ive tested this script in game I hosted with 8 people includeing the repair fence script with not problems detected please report any problems in this thread:

- first release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums

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