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Date: 2007-12-25 07:24

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Cold War Rearmed: Addons
CWR team

CWR Addons contains addons that are not from the original OFP:R series, but which had been made by the community.

The current (means v0.80) CWR Addons are:
    * Winter Kolgujew
    * CWR Editor, which contains the classes of the OFP addons objects1.pbo, objects2.pbo, editorupgradeONE.pbo and the EditorUpdates
In order to install the modification, run the CWR_addons_v0.80.exe from either the downloaded archive or the DVD. If you have the DVD version and Autorun enabled, press the Install button on the screen that appears after you insert DVD in your drive.

The installation will not modify your settings for ArmA: Armed Assault.

The technical support and troubleshooting follow the same guidelines as those for ArmA: Armed Assault. Please see the documentation for the original game for more information.

Known issues:
CWR Editor
    * Angelina and Guba objects are not available yet
    * T-80 isn't completely working
CWR Winter Kolgujew
    * No clutter used
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