Coop mission : U.S Marines - Insurgency Chernarus by PnK2

PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar has submitted this coop multiplayer mission for 20 players.

    Quote PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar :
    Players are divided in 4 squads of 5 players (two marines adn two ranger squads) and they have like in all insurgency game tipe mp missions primary objective to clean all red squares from enemies and collect intel in silver suitcases after that they get map markers of possible locations of enemy ammo boxes wich they must to destroy.

    Players have mobile base and vehicles at their disposal and weapons from the 90's era like M16's, M4's, with iron sights or RCO and no modern weapons from this century bcs players are in the role of US Military soldiers from 80s and 90s created by Delta Hawk.

Written on 2014-05-03 06:34 by PnK2  

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