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Requirements: Cold War Rearmed: Demo
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-12-26 05:53

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OFP mission converted by william1

June 9, 1985 - We've been on the move since taking La Pessagne a few days ago. Now our orders are to conquer Chapoi - a large town full of tanks, infantry... and Shilkas.
The situation is quite tricky. We can't send in helicopters, as the Shilkas would blast them to pieces. And any tanks would be spotted a mile off, and met with armored resistance. However, a few squads of infantry should be able to reach the target unnoticed. We can destroy the Shilkas and leave the rest for the Cobras.
At least, that's the plan...

OK, Armstrong. The Soviets have moved a large concentration of tanks into the city of Chapoi, making a direct ground assault too risky. Helicopters could do the job, but the area is defended by a pair of Shilkas. Your task is to eliminate them, wait for the choppers to deal with the tanks, and then move into Chapoi.

The mission begins at 1030 on the outskirts of Sainte Marie.

Neutralize the Shilka stationed in the village.

Clear the village of any remaining Soviet forces.

Proceed to Chapoi, locate the remaining Shilka and eliminate it.

Pull back while the Cobra gunships, designated November, deal with the tanks.

Seize Chapoi.

Place the mission pbo file in your ArmA\Missions folder.

OFP missions converted by william1

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