Author: battousai84
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0 Hotfix

Short description: Ability to fast rope from helicopter at full speed

Date: 2014-05-30 12:19

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Future Fast Roping: ZIP-Roping


This is a very simple script that i have thrown together as a future fast roping option that i was inspired to make do to several problems i have encountered while being inserted as a soldier. This script allows for you to fast rope from a chopper moving at full speed there by reducing the risk to the chopper and soldiers greatly. No longer will the chopper have to come to a full stop to drop its ropes and then wait for the members to disembark or will the soldiers worry about landing on each others heads while disembarking, all members could disembark at the same time. No longer will you need to airdrop at safe heights while drifting slowly to the ground being shot at every step of the way.

It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA3\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

please read the readme file put with the script

Place this into the init field of any helo you would like to use script on
this addaction ["<t color='#00FFFF'>Zip-Rope</t>", "ziprope.sqf"]; //

Sounds: put this in the description.ext file

class CfgSounds
   	sounds[] = {zipper};

	class zipper {name="zipper";sound[]={data\zipper.ogg,db-11,1.0};titles[] = {};};


Credits & thanks:
i have to thank zealot111 his fast rope script really helped me out as a guide in putting together this script. if you want normal fast rope script please check his Helicopter fastrope script out.

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