Campaign : [RWO] Task Force 42 by HeadUp & RCMW

HeadUp & RCMW has submitted, using our Public FTP, a campaign inspired by real operations in Afghanistan. It comes in two versions: Lite and Addon+.

    Quote HeadUp & RCMW :
    A fictional campaign for Arma 2 Combined Operations, inspired by real operations in Afghanistan. Showcasing the variety of the UK's special forces, take part in the hunt for a dangerous JPEL-listed target, code-named 'Black Shadow.' Conduct infamous night raids with the SBS, intel-gathering ops with the SRR, a long-range patrol with the SAS, and more!

    The Addon+ version is recommended for the ideal playing experience: it features extra missions and content, and is supported by carefully-selected addons that match more closely the vehicles, uniforms, and weaponry that the UKSF are believed to use.

Written on 2014-06-03 08:46 by headup  

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