M27 IAR & basic HK416's by Slatts
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Slatts released an updated version of the M27 IAR & basic HK416's addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hey guys. A few weeks back I set about porting the M27 IAR I made using Vilas' models for arma 2 over to arma 3. Yet again my PC decides to go and troll me by not starting up so this isn't fully complete yet but it's more then enjoyable and usable so knock yourself out. Due to the PC crash it isn't fully ASDG compatible nor can AI use it similar to a MX SW as I intended.

    Just because I could. I also made two basic HK416 models. One standard, and one GL variant.

    Feedback is as always, more than welcome and when I get my PC back from the doctor I will of course do my best to update it.

    • Support for BIS' bipods

Written on 2015-04-24 20:31 by Slatts  

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