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Requirements: Arma 3 Zeus

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod adds Thai Armed Forces to Arma 3, and also some minor factions.

Date: 2016-07-23 10:15

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WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Force

Roh_Z the Lord_Booka

WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Forces (WFT EX TAF) is aimed at adding the Thai Armed Forces to Arma 3.
It includes Thai Armed Forces (Modern), Thai Armed Forces (CSAT-2035), Free Thai Movement (2035), Middle-East Kingdom Army, Middle-East Insurgents, Eastern Europe Armed Force, Eastern Europe Insurgents, Terrorists (Middle East), and some minor factions.
It also includes new weapons, new various map objects, and consumable items: food (heal) and drinks (restore stamina).
Although the name implied as Thai Armed Force(s), in fact, this mod attend to focus more on weaponry, opfor units, and factions.

Thai Armed Forces (Modern) - possibly current TAF.
Thai Armed Forces (2035) - future TAF which has joined CSAT side.
Free Thai Movement - freedom fighters who want to liberate Thailand from CSAT.
Takistan Kingdom Army - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
Takistani Insurgents - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
Chernarus Defense Force - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
Chernarus Insurgents - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
New Uniforms.
New Vests.
New Headgears.
New Weapons.
New Vehicles.
Consumable Items.
New map objects.

To install the WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Force you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Completed lists of the Classnames

*Consumable items can be consumed by double-clicking item pictures on inventory screen.
*Raw food can be processed by double-clicking in front of any inflame object.
*PPSh-41, FN Minimi Para, and HK33 can swap magazine interface by dragging the alternated one then
dropped-over on current active magazine slot.
*Optional to compatible with ASDG Joint Rails by copy COREVCompatibleItems.pbo and bisign (respectively) from \Compatibles to \Addons.
*Optional to compatible with RHS:Escalation by copy COREVCompatibleRHS.pbo and bisign (respectively) from \Compatibles to \Addons.

For Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) compatible:
copy "COREVCompatibleCBA.pbo" and its bisign from "\@WarfareThaiEXTAF\Compatibles\" to "\@WarfareThaiEXTAF\Addons\"

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
*Some vehicles, and weapon models, and reload animations, are still WIP.
*Sometimes, when spawned units in Zeus mode on Dedecated Server, they can contained only one magazine in their pocket. According to
*3D Spotting Target can increased network traffic and lead to desync.

Steam Workshop:
- Subscribe

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive - the game and sample models.
Armaholic - Posts in your community.
Aplion - ArmA2 UK vehicles Unbinarized.
Rusty - Various Camo Patterns.
Toadie's SmallArms and Animations - AK & G3 reloading animations.
Enter the Ninja on Steam

- Hot fixed UGL_F error.
- Renamed Motorized_MTP to Motorized in CfgGroups

- Weapons compatibility with APEX (WFT weapons can accept APEX magazines, but not vise versa).
- WFT weapons use APEX magazines as default.
- Added new zombie identities (for Ravage Mod): COREV_AsianHead_Z_01,COREV_AfricanHead_Z_01,COREV_GreekHead_Z_01,COREV_PersianHead_Z_01 (identical to CfgFaces)
- WFT OPFOR and INDEP now have Motorized_MTP and Motorized class in CfgGroups (ALiVE compatible <-- hopefully).
- Fixed some minor issues.

Internal Test with APEX compatible.

- M231 FPW now has only FullAuto fire mode.
- Reduced the effectiveness of Can Cannon projectiles (except for the Redgull).
- Added Asian Civilian faction.
- Added fictional weapons: AK-108M(6.5mm) and AK-102M(6.5mm).
- Fixed EEAF uniform arms glitch.
- Added new zombie faces (for Ravenge Mod): COREV_AsianHead_Z_01,COREV_AfricanHead_Z_01,COREV_GreekHead_Z_01,COREV_PersianHead_Z_01
- Added 5 dance moves (from ArmA 2):Dancing_DuoIvan, Dancing_DuoStefan, Dancing_Stefan, Dancing_Zozino, Dancing_MadMetal
- Fixed some minor issues.

- Added Editor Preview images for some units.
- Fixed camo selections for EEAF vehicles.
- Added Can Cannon.
- Added M231 Firing Port Weapon.
- Map designer can hook the eating/drinking events by adding hookEat/hookDrink to description.ext in format hookEat = "your_function";, then, the hook value will be [who_consume,item_which_were_consume,value_of_item] call your_function.
- Added Radar Station.
- Fixed some minor issues.

- Fixed some errors in Unconscious system.
- Added items (Ammo) 82mm Mortar Shell,(Ammo) 50 Rnd. DshK,(Ammo) 100 Rnd. M2,(Ammo) PG-9V HEAT, and (Ammo) OG-9VM FRAG.
- Compatible with APEX 1.60 RC.
- Added new faction: Terrorist (Africa).
- Fixed some minor issues.

- Fixed the Simple Repair Module
- Fixed Artillery Shell tracker function.

- Fixed some scripts.

- Fixed the glitches with selectable consumable items, and move them to explosive slots.
- Light headgears now are no longer provide any protection.

- Small fixed for EEAF uniform glitch (however, this cannot be fixed at the moment).
- Add Giant Backpack (woodland)

- Small fixed in Healing module.

- Fixed Healing & Unconscious module.
- Fixed EEAF uniform glitch.
- Added Giant Backpacks (placeholder name).
- Consumable items now appear in Virtual Arsenal.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation
- RHS: United States Armed Forces
- ASDG Joint Rails

- Arma 3 Zeus

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