[DOF] Advanced Artillery System by Drunken Officer

Drunken Officer released the first version of his Advanced Artillery System script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here is my AAS (advanced artillery system). Because I think it's to easy to click on map, I created a system to type in the coordinates. You can choose between the phantom system and the real system.

    I think, it is to easy to do a simple click on map and the artillery will fire to this spot. My idea was, that the soldier which one is in the battle, has to call the artillery. But they need the infos, about the coordinates and what the soldier need.
    So the soldier doesnt have to type in the angle and what ever. It's a part of the artillery...

    The soldier have to say: How many units have to fire. The rounds, the ammo and the x/y coordinates.

    This script has two options:
    • The first one is simple. The map builder dont need to place units on map. It is a phantom script. That means, the rounds will created by script.
    • Options are: rounds and type of ammo
    • The secound one is a "real" system. That means, the units must placed on map.
    • Options are:
      how many units
      rounds for each unit
      type of ammo for each unit
      coordinates for each unit

    The script will check, if the unit are alive or not and will deleted dead units. The mission builder can remove and add units.

Written on 2014-07-03 21:48 by Armaholic  

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