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Requirements: Cold War Rearmed: Demo
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-01-02 07:32

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OFP mission converted by william1

Yesterday evening, terrorists ambushed one of our convoys - a cowardly attack on an unprotected transport group. It's time to teach those rebel dogs a lesson. I will lead the reprisal operation this morning.

We will approach the area from the South-West. Three BMPs full of infantry should have no difficulty. The main enemy base is located in Vigny - but first we have to seize the guard post in La Pessagne. Let's hope the Americans don't show up - but they have their own problems elsewhere on this bloody island...

Terrorists are hidden in the villages of La Pessagne and Vigny. Find them and neutralize them!

As the leader of this operation, you will approach the area from the South-West. Bravo team, consisting of six missile soldiers, is waiting in the hills, with their sights trained on Vigny.

Seize La Pessagne.

Continue to Vigny and conquer the main terrorist base, located in the village.

Bravo team is awaiting your orders. Call them any time (0-0-1) and they will attack the terrorist nest in Vigny!

Place the mission pbo file in your ArmA\Missions folder.

OFP missions converted by william1

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