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Requirements: Desert US & OpFor Vehicle Pack by McNools, South Sahrani Island by Lester, RHS Hind, EBU socom, SLA Desert by Rellikki, Dynamic Weather by Sentinel, LowFly EditorUpdate and Civilians by Mongoose
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2008-01-28 10:50

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Campaign based on the BlackHawk theme. The idea is to have desert missions where a sandstorm can make the difference between being spotted or not.

It contains 10 missions, one of them is the famous Black Hawk Down one and some different ones where for example you will have to capture a well-defended city with artillery support.

It comes in English and Spanish.

Background history:
August 2007. Elite American soldiers Soldiers are sent to South Sahrani as part of a UN peace operation. Our intentions are to save lives, not to destroy them.

But the incomprehensible SLA policy and the famine it provokes forces the UN to prepare a mission to capture the Prime Minister Ramirez and finish with this war which is taking so much time.

You will go through different missions: defense, sabotage and capture some SLA well-defended strongholds. And you will also have to deal with an inhospitable weather full of sandstorms with difficult your progress.

Good luck soldier.

Put the BlackHawk.pbo from the Campaign folder in your ArmA\Campaigns folder in your ArmA main directory.

For the addons extract them to your Arma\@Blackhawk\Addons folder as we always recommend use the modfolder method.
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a loom in our FAQ.

Change log:
* Fixed several bugs in briefings
* Fixed bug in mission nº3
* Fixed bug in mission nº4
* Apply life and objects in several missions
* Download now doesn't include any addons (u have to download them separately if you don't have them yet) but the one i made for interface, sounds...

Credits and Thanks:
I want to thank Big for his collaboration making the English translation.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic

Important Info:
The link for Rellikki's SLA Desert units points to new version 2.1 and this campaign only works with old version. You can get v1.2 from the link below:
- SLA Desert (Old version) by Rellikki

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