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Requirements: Arma version 1.09

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2008-03-01 16:15

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There are two kinds of claymores included, claymores for your primary slot and
claymores for your secondary slot. Primary and secondary slot claymores go
where your rifle ammo and pistol ammo would normally go respectively. Putting a claymore in the secondary slot will show up as three claymores, it is in factonly one (it needs to do this).

Placing claymores:
Use your action menu to place a claymore. It will spawned facing the direction
you are, a short distance in front of you. You will receive a message stating
the claymore's ID, it would be wise to remember this and mark it especially if
you are placing tripwires.

Aiming claymores:
Walk up to a claymore and select "Sight in" on your action menu, this will give
you a peep sight view of the approximate coverage of the shrapnel. You can now
use your w, a, s and d keys to rotate your claymore in any direction. You can
use n to toggle night vision. When you are done, press escape to regain control
of your character.

Detonating claymores:
In your action menu select "Safety off (Clack..", you will now be given a new
option "Detonate claymor...". This detonate option will remain for 30 seconds,
exploiting this you can select a group of claymores for detonation and then
detonate them in rapid succession.

Placing tripwires:
Walk up to a claymore and select "Attach tripwire", now walk to the point you
want the tripwire to end and select "End tripwire". A trigger will be created
to detonate the claymores between the claymore and the end point after 10
seconds delay. The tripwire may not detonate for fast moving things moving over
it, as it is only a meter wide. This way jets and helicopters will not trigger
them (hopefully). If you want to increase the chance of detonation for say, a
roadside bomb, place the trigger so that it runs down the road a bit more so
that the target spends more time over it.

Walk up to the claymore and select "Disarm", you will be given a claymore in
your primary slot.

Please note! This script does not use extended event handlers and will require you to place a claymore ammo box in the mission somewhere to have them work properly.

    - Simulated shrapnel as well as blast damage.
    - Peep sight for sighting in.
    - Safety mechanism so that you can safely blow a predetermined set of mines.
    - Command detonated up to 200m and tripwire (Illegal in many armies).
    - Anyone (including enemies) may rotate, attach tripwires or disarm any claymore.
    - Scripts included for mission editors to place armed claymores anywhere (pointing anywhere too) with thier own triggers.
Extract the .pbo file to your Arma/addons folder or use one of the modfolder methods to launch it.
Check our FAQ to see how to do it.

Included pbo files:

Always place a claymore ammo box or claymores won't work at all!. The ammo box iis required for initialization.
Just a side note: the claymore box is destroyable so make sure it's placed somewhere where it won't be. If it is, then you get script errors. Otherwise than that it's perfect. The trips work perfectly, too.

Placing armed claymores:
1. Create an invisible helipad or any object you want to be able to place easily.
2. In the init field of the empty helipad make a call to the included script:
x = [position this, 40, -2, "claymore_1"] execVM "pingu_claymore\scripts\manual_initialize.sqf"
First argument is position, second argument is direction in degrees,
third argument is pitch (negative numbers denote pitch up) and the final
argument is the name of the public variable you want the script to assign your
new claymore to.
3. Create a trigger to detonate the claymore, activation code being:
x = [claymore_1] execVM "\claymore\scripts\manual_detonate.sqf"
It is easier to get the heading and pitches right if you unpbo the claymores then drop in the included rotate.sqf script (into scripts/). Now you can simply place the claymore on the map following the instructions above, then walk up to it and sight it in. You will be given the exact direction and pitch you set it to.

Putting claymores in boxes/kit:
If you want to put claymores in soldiers or boxes, just addMagazine or addMagazineCargo classes ClaymorePrimary and ClaymoreSecondary.


Video of a beta version

- first official release

Beta 2
- Easy to adjust with peep sight.
- New sound.
- Minor ballistic changes.

Beta 1
- First release

All mods are free to use and modify this addon, all I ask is that credit remains mine and any useful modifications are made avaliable to the community again.

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