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Requirements: ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP, N-B U.S.M.C Project, South Zagorian Army Mod, ArmA2 US Helicopters Import, RDS Tank Pack, RDS Static Weapons Pack, HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import, Boeing C-17,
Island(s): Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.1

Date: 2014-07-18 06:45

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Conquer/Control/Collapse - Part 3 - Collapse


Summary: Unknown forces have invaded chernarus, they have conquered all in their path. Unknown forces now have total control over chernarus, the result was US forces on chernarus were forced to leave chernarus. After regrouping at the NATO HQ on stratis the NATO forces then come up with a plan to take the fight to the unknown forces homeland to collapse their regime and end the war.

This is part 3 of a three part campaign, you can check the other parts here:

Mission content:
  • Collapse - Part 3
      Summary: Continues from Part 2 - Control. Follow the story of Lt. Williams on a NATO mission to collapse the CSAT regime.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Campaigns folder.

    Optional Addons:
    (These are mods that add tweaks to the ai to make them more realistic. These are optional, but if you want the best experience then you should download these.)
    - bCombat infantry AI Mod
    - ASR Ai

  • on "A Zargabad Welcome" missing dialogue was fixed, previously there was an error that meant dialogue was missing.
  • on "Convoy Run" fixed it so that the final task will show up and have its destination displayed on map.
  • on "Convoy Run" fixed a task not completing when it should.
  • on "Recruitment" fixed a problem where the player was stripped of their CSAT uniform and was in their underwear.
  • on "One Shot" fixed a problem with a unit not being called the correct callsign.
  • on "Familiar Faces" increased the triggers range to help eleviate the problem with people missing it.
  • on "Resupply" moved the supply truck closer to be more realistic instead of in the back where there we no soldiers.
  • on "Resupply" fixed a task not completing when the player would get in the helicopter.
  • on "Resupply" fixed a gamebreaking bug where the ending trigger would be triggered (somehow it was deleted).
  • on "The Finale" tweaked it so that when it comes to the part where you're on your own, I have made it so your squad disbands.
  • on "The Finale" fixed it so now the player has more time in trying to kill the general before he takes off.
  • on "The Finale" fixed it so that the final task will complete before the credits sequence.

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    Credits & Thanks:
    I would like to come out here and give a special thanks to Foxhound, Aplion, Kaelies, Alduric, AtinAkiri & AWJacob, and randomslap & mukcep for their mods that I have used for my campaign. If it wasn't for them and their impressive mods this campaign may have not been made, so thank you.

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    - Armaholic forums

    - ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP
    - N-B U.S.M.C Project
    - South Zagorian Army Mod
    - Arma 2 US Helicopters import
    - RDS Tank Pack
    - RDS Staic Weapons Pack
    - HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import
    - Boeing C-17
    - Middle East Conflict Mod

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