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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1

Short description: This script will give the mission maker the ability to make markers in game and call a script what would need the marker name for script to do something.

Date: 2014-08-07 04:12

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MDT Mission Defence Terminal


MDT was made as a way to help users make missions in game on the fly the "M.D.T" is simply a addAction tree that calls scripts to preform tasks on map click. Feel free to use your own scripts or use scripts others have made in place of the ones given.
Please NOTE any script provided belongs to the authors who made the scripts as well as MDT and give the appropriate credits were they are due. I got the idea for this from ATM Airdrop by =ATM=Pokertour while trying to make Visible Map Markers but Brotherhoodofham made that possible so I changed my focus to putting the markers use.

This script will give the mission maker the ability to make markers in game and call a script what would need the marker name for script to do something. So lets say you want to be able to move your respawn point while the game is ongoing simply use the usermade script and name your marker to the name of what the spawn script needs it to be.
Or if you want to set up Enemy A.O.'s with no real objective than killing all enemy's use the MDT/EOS Spawn Zone folder and spawn enemy camps.
Or anything else you can think of to make game play faster and more life like with little work.

I am not taking any credit for the awesome unit spawn scripts of EOS and LVfunctions they are just in here to show you examples of how this works. If you don't have them download them or only the myscript1.sqf and myscript2.sqf will do anything.

Spawn Enemy Camps by mapclick: Powered by EOS/MDT
Spawn Friendly Camps by mapclick: Powered by EOS/MDT
Call for Reinforcements: Powered by AI Spawn Script Pack/MDT
MyScript1.sqf: is a step by step guied of how to put your scripts into MDT
Some what working Screen display for the MDT it will cycle 3 different images for the Call for reinforcements command.

after you download the file you will have 2 folders one with EOS and the AI Spawn Script pack the other is with out those files in it. open up the folder titled "MDT With EOS and LV" copy the MDT.Stratis folder and place it in to your missions folder open it up in the editor and test it out.

NOW that you have done this and see how it works open the folder MDT.Stratis
copy the MDT folder place it into your mission folder.
all u need to do is place a object or unit with the name MDT1 and in the int of that object place one of the flowing addAction commands.
MDT Addactions List
MDT/EOS on the fly A.O. builder, powerd by E.O.S.
SpawnFriendlyCamp = MDT1 addAction ["<t color='#68ccf6Spawn Friendly Camp</t>","MDT\EOS_Spawn_Zone\Spawn_Friendly_Camp.sqf"];
SpawnEnemyCamp = MDT1 addAction ["<t color='#B40404'>Spawn Enemy Camps</t>","MDT\EOS_Spawn_Zone\Spawn_Enemy_Camp.sqf"];

Reinforcements Script a quick and easy call for support script, uses AI Spawn Script Pack
MDT1_CallReniforcements = MDT1 addAction ["<t color='#68ccf6'>call in Reinforcements</t>","MDT\Reinforcements\MDT1\MDT1_CallReniforcements.sqf"];

MyScript, this is the file you should modify/change to what you need it to fit your mission.
MDT1_MyScript1 = MDT1 addAction ["<t color='#68ccf6'>NAME YOUR ADDACTION HERE</t>","MDT\MyScript\MyScript1.sqf"];

Credits & Thanks:
Special Thanks to BrotherHoodOfHam,austin(medic) for all the help they have given me and answering my NON stop questions, and LuckyLook who got me started on this little mission....that I failed but ended up making this cool script along the way.

Enemy Occupation System (EOS) by BangaBob
AI Spawn Script Pack by spunFIN

Change log:
- first release

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