Author: KangarooSwag
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1

Short description: A very simple IED template that can be used as a guidline.

Date: 2014-08-08 11:31

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Simple IED Template


This is a simple mission containing a simple ied controlled by a trigger. In its current setup it only activates by Blufor, but it is fully customisable and can be changed to suit almost any purpose.
Presently set in Chernaurus, can be copied to any map or island.

Installation / Usage:
The way it works is by setting off a "GBU_12" bomb practically concealed inside the tires.
The tyres can be replaced by any other object, even people! Although, the ied is only set of by a Blufor soldier or vehicle.
To change this you must click on the trigger controlling the ied's and change the "activation" drop down box to whatever you want to set the bomb off.
If you want a smaller explosion in the trigger change "GBU_12" to "GBU_6". This explosion will usually only flip a car instead of destroying it.

Feel free to use in your own missions (even tho i technically didnt create it, BIS did).

- first release

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