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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.01

Short description: Allows you to go spy on the enemy.

Date: 2014-08-12 09:32

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Espionage Script


I guess many of you saw that video from ArmA3, in very early stage, where one was able to steal uniforms.
And you are probably quite annoyed this didn't come to the full game. Me too.

And I know there are a lot of scripts out there, but they basically give you an uniform and make you captive.
I wanted to "simulate" being a spy. Meaning: wearing wrong vests, helmets, backpacks, weapons will make the enemy suspicious, and later, shoot you.

This is a very early release, and my reason for releasing is, that I am not that good at scripting. So I thought, when I release it, people can help me with it.

I have set up a github repository with all my script files. There will be 2 Branches: master and Commits.
All your ideas, features, fixes - please put them in commits branch. When a feature/fix/idea is bug free it will be added to the master branch.
You can find the Rep. here:

Currently implemented features:
- stealing Enemy Uniform (makes you hostile to your own forces! ; enemy has to be dead! -> can only switch back if you kill one of your guys)
- killing enemy silent (melee)
- hiding the body of a dead guy
- whistling to attract enemy
- check if Backpack, Vest, Helmet, Pistol or Rifle is illegal for faction you are in (cover blown if yes)

Wished features:
-taking uniforms from boxes (to fix above described problem)
-dragging dead bodies
-check if player is in line of sight
-cover blown when you do unallowed actions (plant satchel in base)
-restriced area for specific people (need to be officer to enter specific building)

Place all files and folders in your mission folder located at "Documents\ArmA3\Missions"

Change log:
- initial release

Credits & Thanks:
Original Author: CAPTNCAPS
Future Authors: Many Community Members (hopefully) & CAPTNCAPS

Forums Topic:
- BI Forum

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