Author: KangarooSwag
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1

Short description: A compilation of Artillery Firebases, Airfields and FOB's controlled by the Russian Armed Forces.

Date: 2014-08-20 08:26

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KS Russian Firebases & Airfields Pack


A compilation of Russian Firebases and Airfields, complete with a fully equipped Artillery Base. All outposts have been fully fleshed out, containing many ambient features that add tone to your missions :). There are three main parts of the release:

A Forward Operating Base
An Airfield, fully stocked with air vehicles
And an Artillery Base, equipped with multiple batteries

All are situated towards the Northern Border of Chernaurus, which is keeping with the knowledge that Russia is north of the country.

Installation / Usage:
Extract the folder using Winrar or 7Zip.
Place the files straight into your mission directory. ( C:/nickname/documents e.t.c....)
Open the editor onto Chernaurus and click merge.
Create missions to your hearts content.

Updates and more content to come soon!

Can be used in any mission or with any content. Must not be redistributed without this readme.

- first release

- Arma 2

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Tags: Airfield,   Artillery,   Base,   Firebase,   Fob,   Fortified,   Russia