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EvroMalarkey released an updated version of the Army of the Czech Republic A3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is mainly an maintenance update for Apex release. We fixed few annoying bugs and made the mod independent of CUP. The acr_a3_cup package stays, but now includes only compatibility configs and you will need full CUP to make the mod working with weapons and vehicles. We decided to switch over to full CUP because maintaining the previous package was too complicated. For these who don't want to use CUP, you can still use the mod without it and with only infantry included.

    What are our future plans now? We want to improve the mod just a little more, we have some sweet new textures for infantry. Also we're planning to make acr_a3_rhs compatibility package.

    • Added: new characters and equipment textures
    • Added: zamak trucks - Added: new vest variants
    • Added: new unit and blood insignias
    • Added: new pandur textures
    • Added: blood insignias are now added random to units
    • Added: eden preview pictures
    • Added: RHS compablity config (Mi17, Mi24, UAZs, Czech dubbing etc.)
    • Improved: default units equipment
    • Improved: helmet armor values
    • Improved: overall structure, improvements and fixes
    • Fixed: icon for groups in eden editor
    • Fixed: pandur had incorrect gear
    • Fixed: blood insignias were not visible in arsenal
    • Fixed: wrong or missing equipment icons
    • Removed: AAF vest variants
    • Removed: some NATO vest variants
    • Removed: alternative beret
    • Removed: legacy CBA compability, it is not needed anymore

Written on 2017-01-01 19:35 by Armaholic  

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