Flight deck Crew Personnel by Hazel & BGirlTray
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Hawaiian submitted an updated version of the Flight deck Crew Personnel by him and BGirlTray.

    Quote :
    Aloha, a friend and I made these flight deck crew personnel and thought we'd share the work,. Comes with a pair of re-textured UGVs. Please read the "ugv how to" on applying the textures, enjoy!

    • Blue Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Red Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Yellow Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Brown Jersey w/ pant variant
    • White Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Purple Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Flight Deck Medic
    • Landing Signal Officer

    • dumbed down the file size
    • fixed rvmat paths to the right path
    • fixed the Landing Signal Officer by having him spawn without weapons
    • added a few more variation of glasses for the LSO
    • cleaned the SQFs for all the units
    • made the uniform texture to 2048x2048

Written on 2014-10-11 08:14 by Hawaiian  

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