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Requirements: Russian Federation Units by Skaven & Shadow NX & CMD
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2008-01-23 06:19

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Paraiso Assassination

Although our last operation to kill three U.S. officers on Rahmadi was a success, the americans are still coming at us on Sahrani, but the death of those officers set back their plans and bought us some time. HQ has pin pointed the five key-most U.S. personnel at the northeastern part of Sahrani. So we're going in, to take them out.

Their deaths won't stop the american counter-attack, but it will have a serious effect on it and will be great for the morale of our soldiers. Best of all though, it's a chance to take even more Yankees to hell with us!

Intel has given us some information on each of the five targets, their identities, their roles in this war, and most importantly their locations.

These men are in charge of the american infantry divisions, armour battalions, air force and Special Forces. In addition we have also confirmed the U.S. commander Colonel Blake is in the sector.

Your task is simple: Eliminate all five officers.

- Random weather conditions
- Random patrols
- Gear selection
- Selectable time of day

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Credits & Thanks:
- Acid for his original mission for OFP.
- Kronzky for his Urban Patrol script and especially for adding me a delete function real quick.
- toadlife for his random weather script.
- Red Hammer Studios for their excellent russian units and weapons.
- Chris Henderson for his OFP/ArmA Script Editor.
- The great OFP/VBS/ArmA community and everyone I forget to mention.
- for providing me first class mission hosting :-)

And last but not least: Thanks to BIS/BIA for their wonderful games/simulations.

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