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***** Update *****

It seems we are back, the move went smooth and without problems.
However, please note we are still uploading the Armed Assault/Arma2 files, so it is very possible if you want to download a file you get an error. This should be fixed in just a few hours.

Thanks to all for your patience during this move.


Due to the fact the popularity of is increasing month by month we have decided it is time for a new and stronger server to improve the service we provide the ArmA community.
The new dedicated server has a quad core CPU with 3GB RAM and a 500GB harddrive.
The new server is hosted by our current host as we are very satisfied with their services.

Hopefully the new server will make our site performance even better even though our website is one of the fastest but we have to be able to keep up with the growth so we do not suffer from bad performance and other server related issues in the (near) future.

The server move will be done during the weekend. At the moment we can not specifiy when the move will happen exactly as this depends whenever our Server tech guy Sunraa is sober and home to make the final arrangements and move all files.

During this move we will close the website, meaning the forums and the comments will be closed and we will not update the news and add pages. This is just to make sure no data gets lost during the transfer.
We will add a message to the website on the new server to show you when your routing has been updated to the new server.
We expect the move to take 6 hours max for all people around the world but it will probably go faster for most of you.

As soon as the move starts we will update this news post.

As always hardware upgrades like this do cost money, lots of money. If you have some spare money and dont mind feel free to show us your support by donating some towards to help us pay the bills.
You can donate here.

Armaholic staff.

Written on 2009-09-12 07:19 by Foxhound  

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