Bullet in the Chamber released by gpgpgpgp
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gpgpgpgp has submitted an updated version of his Bullet in the Chamber mod which adds Battlefield style extra bullet in chamber when reloading.

    Quote gpgpgpgp :
    When playing Arma3 vanilla you may have had such experience:

    "Prepare for CQB!" says your squad leader.
    You quickly replace your half-empty mag with 30 rnd full mag.
    Now you have 31 rounds ready to fire, 30 in the magazine, plus 1 loaded in the chamber ... wait
    where did the chambered round go? It magically re-appeared in your old replaced mag, how marvellous.

    This tiny mod here is to add a simulation for the extra bullet in chamber after tactical reloading, giving you the rightful advangtage of have an extra round to fire, before BIS officially add such simulation (announced but not released yet).

    • Added: Profile for new Marksman MMGs.
    • Added: Guide for mod authors.

Written on 2015-04-14 10:06 by gpgpgpgp  

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