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geloxo released an updated version of his GX Zeus Advanced Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Currently one of the limitations of Arma3 curator module (aka Zeus) is a proper exportation system to allow further editing and usage on other missions. Therefore I have created a simple script set to bypass this situation and also enhance the Zeus experience by allowing multi-editing tasks shared between several Zeus players in real time, online or offline.

    This script set is configured for Arma 3 by default but can be also used with other addons such as All in Arma, Unsung, Iron Front or any Arma3 and Arma2 based addons. The content is published as script instead of as an addon to allow an easy integration with any mission and due to it´s small size. In the future I may create an addon if needed or integrate it with GX Addons pack but currently it´s not needed. This adds a powerfull extension to the great Zeus module approach and I hope it helps editors and mission makers to develop intense missions until we can have a true 3D editor available in game.

    There are similar addons available which allow real time edition and exporting but the main advantage of this one is that it is compatible with any mission, as it does not require to have the script running on them due to the usage of native sqf format exporting instead of a propietary one.

    • script initialization optimized
    • added usage of setposworld to export data at the exact items placement
    • added missing _sleeptime variable to generated exported script
    • added class thing to the exported objects list
    • explanatory note added to manual editing modes section
    • debug feature extended to include more info to log files
    • animals classes removed from allowed units list

Written on 2014-11-12 22:05 by geloxo  

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