Coop mission : =BTC= Hearts and Minds by Giallustio

Vdauphin informed us he released a new version of the =BTC= Hearts and Minds cooperative mission which aims to recreate a post war environment on the BI forums .

  • Fix: Cache is not spawning in final phase.
  • Fix: RHS HUMVV altitude in mission.sqm due to RHS update.
  • Fix: Get down order to civil.
  • Fix: Sometimes rope is not long enough for lifting.
  • Fix: Ringing noise not compatible with ACE3 ear plugs.
  • Fix: Improve support of island for traffic and patrol.
  • Fix: In side mission rescue, the pilot can be kill by ACE cookoff.
  • Fix: C4 on suicider is not correctly display on dedicate.
  • Fix: When an underground object is unhook on bridge, it fall under it.
  • Fix: Sometimes objects can't be lift when fasteroping.
  • Fix: Typo spelling error on final task.

Written on 2017-02-07 08:13 by Armaholic  

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