Coop mission : =BTC= Hearts and Minds by Giallustio

Vdauphin informed us he released a new version of the =BTC= Hearts and Minds cooperative mission which aims to recreate a post war environment on the BI forums .

  • Add: Civilan fleeing.
  • Add: Headless support.
  • Add: ACE3 mine detector support.
  • Add: "Lifting" interaction inside helicopter.
  • Add: "Check cargo" interaction inside vehicle.
  • Add: New hideout composition design.
  • Add: Random cache design.
  • Add: Auto save game.
  • Add: Smooth and design HUD for lifting.
  • Add: Better heavy lift support.
  • Add: In some case sling load visual improvement.
  • Add: Project OPFOR support.
  • Add: A3 CSAT support.
  • Add: Fastroping on helicopter (For RHS Helicopter use RHS ACE3 compatibility to avoid crash).
  • Add: A3 BIS Group support.
  • Add: Better composition for side tower.
  • Add: More IED types.
  • Add: Icon in ACE3 interaction menu.
  • Add: Icon to task system.
  • Add: Loading screen with a base overview.
  • Add: New truck support.
  • Add: Some little optimization.
  • Add: Fonction composition return objects created.
  • Add: Systemchat in debug mode.
  • Fix: Vehicles not spawning on bridge after DB save.
  • Fix: When a player vehicles is destroyed the malus is a bonus.
  • Fix: If a player vehicle is destroyed twice the malus is not apply after.
  • Fix: RHS AA missile infantry is missing in config.
  • Fix: Date not being set up properly at mission start.
  • Fix: Time acceleration not working when loading from DataBase.
  • Fix: Pilot not being removed at the end of rescue mission.
  • Fix: Hideouts are not capturing cities around after a delay.
  • Fix: Task notification appear to everybody when a player is connecting.
  • Fix: Military send from a city to an other is not in Headless Client.
  • Fix: Duplicate static magazine.

Written on 2017-02-25 10:16 by Armaholic  

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