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Requirements: 3CB BAF Equipment, Community Base addons A3, 3CB BAF Weapons, 3CB BAF Vehicles

Version: 4.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Units representing British Army Soldiers, Royal Marine Commandos and Support Elements in Arctic, Desert (DDPM), MTP, Temperate (DPM), Tropical (DPM) and Woodland (DPM) camouflage patterns.

Date: 2017-09-15 08:49

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3CB BAF Units

3 Commando Brigade

Units representing British Army Soldiers, Royal Marine Commandos and Support Elements in Arctic, Desert (DDPM), MTP, Temperate (DPM), Tropical (DPM) and Woodland (DPM) camouflage patterns.

With a large number of units and a multitude of pre-built infantry Groups to choose from, it is easy to create whole Company sized formations for your missions. Not only that, every Troop or Platoon will look unique, thanks to an automatic randomisation routine which equips each infantryman in gear suitable to his role from the wide choice of kit available.
This mod now fully utilises our 3CB BAF Equipment and BAF Weapons packs allowing the representation of 6 unique theatres / era's:
Arctic: Winter camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
Desert: DDPM camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
MTP: MTP camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
Temperate: DPM Temperate camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
Tropical: DPM Woodland camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
Woodland: DPM Woodland camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
Each theme is divided into 3 factions: Army, Navy and Airforce, giving a total of 18 factions.

For full details, including user and admin guides, please visit our website.

To install the 3CB BAF Units you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Note: As the Royal Marines are the Royal Navy's amphibious troops, they are categorised under "Navy".

In the Editor or Zeus:-

Units > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce
Units > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army MTP
Units > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy MTP

Groups > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army MTP > Infantry
Groups > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy MTP > Infantry

Modules > Misc > 3CB BAF Unit Configuration
Randomise Equipment: Yes (No) - Each unit will have a randomly selected uniform, helmet, vest, backpack and glasses appropriate to it's role
Default Gear on Respawn: Yes (No) - Select 'No' to allow other mods or scripts to set unit gear on respawn
Add HMNVS: Yes (No) - Add Head Mounted Night Vision Systems to inventory
Add 3D Scopes: Yes (No) - Add an alternative 3D scope option to match any equipped 2D scope*
Add GPS: Yes (No) - Add GPS to all units
Remove Frags: No (Yes) - Remove fragmentation grenades (thrown & fired)
Replace Magnified Scopes: No (Yes) - Replace magnified scopes with simple EoTech reflex sights
Weapon Safety On: No (Yes) - Weapons will have their safety switches on at spawn (@Ace3 only)
* When running @Ace3, 2D/3D scopes can be toggled using the Ace3 Self Interaction > Equipment menu and no additional scope is placed in the backpack.

@Alive Faction Names:
Place as custom factions, currently only available as "light infantry".

Pre-configured Groups are provided to assist mission makers with placing realistic infantry Sections on the battlefield.
They come in several different configurations, representing the variety of weaponry available in the mod pack, and reflecting the often customised nature of gear found on Operations.
- Fire Teams A, B and C consist of 4 men each
- Sections A, B and C are close combat infantry squads of 8 men
- The Manoeuvre Support Section are armed with heavier weaponry, moving to engage the enemy in support of the close combat Sections
- The Fire Support Group provide heavy fire power from longer range and are intended to be used dismounted from vehicles which carry their static weapons or ammunition stores of choice
- HQ Section represents the Troop (Platoon) or Company command element, being composed of Officers, Signaller and JTAC/FAC

An Editor module ('3CB BAF Unit Configuration') is provided for mission designers, allowing control of certain aspects of the equipment, such as whether gear randomisation is applied, what happens to gear on respawn, whether NVG's, GPS or Frags are available, weapon safety status and auto-replacement of magnified scopes with reflex sights.

For usage and information instructionss of how to use 3CB BAF Units please refer to the included documentation.

Known issues:

Credits & Thanks:
3 Commando Brigade members:
Principle Developers: Apollo, Nemiuk, Lifetap, MyCatSaid
Support: Alexander, Andy, Evrik, Goodson, Nulljaeger, Serjames
Project Management: Lifetap

Added HM2, HC3 Cargo, and HC4 Merlin variants to each camouflage faction type
Added new L129a1 to appropriate units
Added rangefinder to FTL / M6 Gunner / BPT Point man for all appropriate camouflage faction types
Added WMIK GPMG variants to each camouflage faction type
Fixed binlog errors
Fixed mod dependancy issue
Removed adensine injector from standard infantry loadout
Replaced one non-tracer magazine for a tracer magazine in standard infantry loadout
Updated group descriptions to show different models of Merlin helicopter
Updated group descriptions to show different models of WMIKs
Updated various loadouts to correct equipment based on time period of camouflage factions

Added ACE3 microDAGR to pilot loadout
Added JTAC bergen to all sniper and spotter units
Added ACE3 Range Card to BPT and Recce L129 Marksman units
Added L110 unit to all BPT and Recce camouflages
Added night gear crate
Added Land Rover motorised groups
Fixed bug in Eden UK3CB Loadout module 'Remove NVGs'
Fixed logo incorrectly displaying in VA and Eden
Fixed Army Ghillie for all camouflages
Fixed incorrect 7.62mm magazines in inventory of Marksman armed with L86.
Replaced Loadout script completion callback with more reliable flag
Replaced ACE3 red map light with white map light
Replaced smoke and flares for UGL / Mortar units with 3CB versions
Replaced L22 with L22a2 for older camouflage units (DDPM & DPM)
Replaced BPT and Recce Pointman with BPT and Recce L110 unit

Fixed init module error
Fixed BPT/Recce group names

added prerequisite of @3cb_baf_vehicles
added Arctic units & compositions
added Desert units & compositions
added Temperate units & compositions
added Tropical units & compositions
added Woodland units & compositions
added Assistant AT Javelin unit
added Assistant GPMG No2 unit
added BPT units (Medic, Explosives, FAC, Marksman, Point Man, Team Leader)
added Fire Team Leader 7.62 belt unit
added Grenadier 7.62 belt unit
added Gunner Mortar 60mm unit
added Mortar Fire Controller unit
added Recce units (Medic, Explosives, FAC, Marksman, Point Man, Team Leader)
added Rifleman AT ILAW 7.62 belt unit
added Rifleman AT NLAW 7.62 belt unit
added Anti-Tank Section
added Fire Support Group
added Fire Support Team
added MMG Section
added Weapon Crew
added manned Merlin and Wildcats
added manned Jackal and Coyotes
added manned Turrets (static weapons) in all factions
all factions separately configured for use with @alive, including air assets
improved spawning mechanism
tweaked unit loadouts
adjusted @ace3 unit loadouts (medical supplies, mine detector, flashlight, spray paint)
added @ctab compatibility
added Eden Editor preview images
added functionality to the 3CB BAF Unit Configuration Module
removed redundant 3d scope option

- hotfix to address the load out issues experienced by players on MP servers

Fully updated to use the 3CB BAF Equipment and 3CB BAF Weapons mods
- added @3cb_baf_equipment requirement
- added @cba_a3 requirement
- removed @cup requirement
- removed @stkr_bi requirement
- removed @asdg_jm requirement
- removed uniforms/vests/helmets, all now referenced from @3cb_baf_equipment
- added Point Man unit
- added Recruit unit
- added Rifleman AT ILAW unit
- added Sharpshooter unit
- added Crewman MTP and RTR units
- added Helicopter Crew and Medic units
- added Sniper L82/L115 units
- added Spotter L85/L129 units
- added Gunner Static Weapon unit
- expanded groups to include "Day Patrol" or "Overnight" gear choice
- increased the number of Sections and Fire Teams to choose from, with a variety of weaponry
- added Manoeuvre Support Sections
- added Fire Support Groups
- added HQ Sections
- added Sentry groups
- changed class names of @Alive factions
- added Editor module ('3CB BAF Unit Configuration')

- added armour values for @stkr_bi Mk7 helmets and Osprey vests
- added weights for @stkr_bi Mk7 helmets and Osprey vests
- slightly increased the carrying capacity of the @stkr_bi Osprey vest
- adjusted the weight and carrying capacities of the @stkr_bi backpacks
(based on... Predator: 45l/2.4kg; ECM/Comms: 40l/2.2kg; Motherlode: 36l/2.0kg)
- corrected how backpacks work in the Virtual Arsenal (now only empty backpacks are shown)
- fixed the icon for the ECM/Comms Pack
- adjusted loadouts for the Engineer/Repair and Explosives Specialists

- an update for the Stalker British Infantry mod changing to @cup weapon dependancy from @trixie_britishweapons
- added a Rifleman Medium AT unit, armed with a Javelin
- created a backpack for Rifleman AT (Javelin)
- renamed the class and description for the light Rifleman AT, now armed with an NLAW
- marksman armed with Stalkers L129A1 DMR (L129A1 not in @cup)
- created weapon class L110A1 with ACOG scope for MG LMG unit
- 'heavy' Section now contains Rifleman AT (Javelin) rather than NLAW

- first public release

- 3CB BAF Equipment
- Community Base addons A3
- 3CB BAF Weapons
- 3CB BAF Vehicles

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