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Version: 1.18

Date: 2008-11-19 13:05

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Dynamic Sahrani: SABOTAGE

Dynamic mission with realistic objectives.

-in every day can be various weather
-next task time are later than previous (time is in set:[7am - 10pm])
-task's loss, player dead (option), vehicles respawn gives penalty points which can make whole mission failed.
-every player can change distance view and enable/disable grass (action "self")
-player after his dead can lost his scores (-0%, -50%, -100%) depending on Mode (Normal/Medium/Hard)
-all tasks are created dynamicly only in scripts. There is no unnecesary units or other objects only needed in current mission (after task all objects/units are deleted). i hope this make my mission heavy, and people with low pcs can play in it.
-others weapons are put in crates in base. weapons are rearmed every morning. number of at is limited in day (so dont waste it).
-intro, mini-movies are short without redundant added music etc
-mission can be easy expanded (changing 1 variable and adding mission-descirbe-script)
-JIP works
-every task may be played in more than 20 places (in North Sahrani)- variuos places, tasks, weather, time makes every scenario is unique

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

How to:
Commander takes order from oficer or via radio 0-0-1/"take order" (3 tasks in day). Whole mission has 7 days. To reach area you can use: helis, cars or whole group/self parachute (radio 0-0-1/"Para all to pos"/ action "self"/Parachute and single click on map, but TeamRank has to have acurate number of points).
Markers show task-area; action "info" shows details about current mission and points.
If you think you can't make taks finished, just resign (radio 0-0-1/Resignation) - it costs several penalty point but less than several players deads (if dead give penalty points).
After you done your job (task) or you've resigned, take next order. If you can't parachute coz you haven't acurate numebr of points and you have no heli where you are you can call transport via radio 0-0-1/call transport and single click on map to select evacuation area and wait several minutes.

Idea come from Dynamic Afganistan (OFP) and my PvP old mission.
All tasks are simple, realistics and if you won't be John Rambo, will be carefull and and won't taking frags but done what you have to, propably you won't die.
I understand if you play 10 minutes and say "its not for me". -ArmA, which is/should be a simulator becomes next shooter. There is no task "kill 1000 enemies" - sometimes you better kill nobody, wait 20 minutes and scan horizont to make one shot or sometimes simply resign coz it's to hard to make task finished...

Change log:
-added some weapons, NV for enemies (they were blind in night)
-preprocessed most used scripts
-increased (to 10min) kill enemies delay time after mission
-fixed disappeared parachute (parafix.sqs by Celery)
-added wind marker for safe parachute (note that it's local value - that means, for example, you see strong wind from west, but on other player PC can be breeze from north)
-decreased task time (to 20min) in mission "defend" (AI sometimes stuck and players must wait too long)
-1 new task (it's clone of "destroy shilka" with crew)
-added several weapons
-added NV for enemies (they were blind in night)
-various skill for enemies (0.6/0.8/1.0) for Normal/Medium/Hard mode
-now you can select task or choose random task
-version @GROM has become @PKW because now uses PKW_Mercenaries addon (as second team)

-added task: defend our area (enemies will attack you - you win if you kill enemies or people (at least 1 man)(US-soldiers), you have to save, will be alive after 30 minutes)
-in some missions if you are spotten by enemies, kamov or mi17 with parajumpers will arrives (from Pita airport)
-separate para jumping for 2 teams
-added action "we're all in" for evac heli
-several patrols on enemy area independent to current task
-enemies from current task will be automaticly killed after 10 minutes (against 2 minutes in earlier version)
-you can para jump always if there is no current task set

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