YO!NK Better Opfor FIA by ParaMedic
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ParaMedic released an updated version of his YO!NK Better Opfor FIA addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I made this mod mostly for myself and thought sharing it with the community couldn't hurt.
    You can use and change this mod as you like, just give me credit for my work. I didn't texture or model anything I just remixed units and gear from BIS.

    It isn't really much, but I just felt the FIA in ArmA 3 Vanilla:
    - is on the wrong side.
    - feels to much like a regular army.
    - needed something like a helicopter to use here and there.

    I tried to make the OPFOR FIA in this mod a bit more mixed in terms of weapon use, gave them a bit less power in some areas and a bit more possibilities in other areas. Onto that I made some CSAT Special Forces (Takavar) to fight with the FIA, so I don't have to change Faction side in MCC and Zeus.

    • - Took out some uniforms that couldn't be correctly displayed on ded servers, diversity will have to wait till I get it right otherwise.

Written on 2015-01-09 18:55 by Armaholic  

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