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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Mega-Pack of my ArmA Dark-Ops Systems, Units, Modules, Scripts, Equipment, etc.

Date: 2019-08-10 11:12

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Von Quest

Spec-Ops, Black-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here-Ops.....
Deep behind enemy lines, in the most dangerous countries in the world.....

Mega-Pack of my ArmA Dark-Ops Systems, Units, Modules, Scripts, Equipment, etc. Since this project is now roughly past the half-way point, I have decided to finally re-release it to the Steam Workshop. This is an Addon/Mod. PLEASE READ. Modules are found in "Systems" in the Editor. WORK-IN-PROGRESS.


To install SpookWarCom you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the SpookWarCom please refer to the included documentation.

Documentation, Compositions, Notes, etc. can be found in the download folders and/or the BIS Forums. Its currently very lacking and several features are not available to the general public. If you have any issues, bugs, requests, or comments, please use the official BIS ArmA 3 Forums. This project is quite large and there are numerous hidden gems and other obscured or nebulous features. Some things are also experimental. It can be very confusing to the new and uninitiated. The best things are on the horizon, and full documentation will likely be reserved closer to a more polished version.

Feel free to REMOVE any .pbo files from the package if you are having issues, or they are overriding some default game settings you still want to use.

This project is undergoing a total overhaul, and being upgraded into a much bigger and professional version. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, and will update with more info when I get back next month. 95% of my other projects have never been released to the public. This project has not ended. Stay Tuned for more News...

Credits and Thanks:
*BIS - for an amazing (and frustrating) hobby!
*dr_strangepete - early stages and gear-saving (HALO)
*cobra4v320 - early stages and gear-saving (HALO)
*mrflay - target hit location (Sniper)
*Magirot - sink trawler script; mission (SOCOM)
*Mikero - Dev Tools; Utility
*Alwarren - Dev Tools (Blender)
*TPW - Ambient Aircraft [TPW AIR] (D.A.R.K.)

License / Disclaimer:
1. Use At Your Own Risk. This is a mod/addon for use with ArmA3,
the mil-sim/game from Bohemia Interactive Studios.
3. Any changes or alterations, in whole or in part, in ANY way;
is strictly forbidden. LEAVE ENTIRE SYSTEM INTACT, AS-IS!
host site currently approved officially is
5. *WARNING* - Use on Monitized Servers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

CHANGED: Complete re-write and overhaul of Reinforcements Module
REMOVED: Several experiment models from old testing projects
REMOVED: Most of the old Misc, Roleplaying, and Looting Items from the Editor
ADDED: Dynamic Jets AO Option (vs old boring default BIS CAS)
ADDED: Bomber AO option for carpet-bombing and flyover areas
ADDED: Hundreds of New Misc, Roleplaying, and Looting Items
TWEAKS: Several misc tweaks and small fixes, etc
ADDED: Command & Control Module (WIP/DO NOT USE)
ADDED: Turned back ON Submarine AOs (virtual/mini-game)
ADDED: Mission Type - Search & Recover
ADDED: Mission Type - Ambush
ADDED: ICE Layer if HALO even without wearing Helmet
FIXED: Error if using Independent Factions
FIXED: Cleaned up Radio Button a bit
FIXED: TOC & SUB Compositions (vanilla objects)
FIXED: Gear Config Exploit (default game config issue)
FIXED: Error with Exiting Sub
FIXED: Issue if trying to get back INTO Sub (unconfirmed)
-Fixed missing FROGS file
ADDED: Command & Control Module (WIP/DO NOT USE)
ADDED: Turned back ON Submarine AOs (virtual/mini-game)
ADDED: Mission Type - Search & Recover
ADDED: Mission Type - Ambush
ADDED: ICE Layer if HALO even without wearing Helmet
FIXED: Error if using Independent Factions
FIXED: Cleaned up Radio Button a bit
FIXED: TOC & SUB Compositions (vanilla objects)
FIXED: Gear Config Exploit (default game config issue)
FIXED: Error with Exiting Sub
FIXED: Issue if trying to get back INTO Sub (unconfirmed)
Update: 8 apr om 15:57
- Fixed small Icon
- Initial Release on Steam Workshop

0.1.4 beta
ADDED: MA-2 POA Bottle - O2 Jump/Pre-Breather
ADDED: ASTRA-M (EAAD) - Elec. Auto. Activation Device, AGL
ADDED: AR3 (ARR) - Automatic Ripcord Release, MSL
ADDED: Reserve Chute - Backup/Safety
ADDED: Sentinel MK2035 - Activates Reserve IF FAILURE
ADDED: 5% Main Chute Failure Rate
ADDED: Decompression Sickness Effects
ADDED: Ability to Cut-Away Parachute [shift] [ctrl] [ H ]
CHANGED: A.I. Supported Better; (Fixed A.I. Death Bug)
CHANGED: Re-Naming and Description of Equipment
FIXED: Enemy Radar failing to scramble QRF Team
FIXED: MP setVariable locality issue with jumpplane
REMOVED: Old AAD Option from Module
ADDED: Weather Option: SNOW (randomized)
FIXED: SATCOM System (placeholder; still WIP)
*and several other minor tweaks I can't remember...

v0.1.3 beta
ADDED: A.I. Support
Fixed: Double Menu on Naval Laptop
ADDED: A.I. Support
ADDED: RHS Russian Federation
ADDED: New JumpSuit w/ Gloves
ADDED: Thermal Balaclava in Crate

v0.1.2 beta
FIXED: Menu (temporary hotfix for now)
REMOVED: Black-Out Screen when starting
CHANGED: Increased random Skill Range of HVT (0.1-0.8)
CHANGED: Increased probablity of 'Scuttle Trawler' Mission
ADDED: RHS Russian Federation - OPFOR
ADDED: Option to ADD Infantry to MOST Mission Areas
FIXED: SATCOM System (removed experimental ALiVE hotfix)
ADDED: Added back in a Editor/Mission for Training/Testing
ADDED: NEW Updated DOCs - more coming soon

v0.1.1 beta
FIXED: Cargo Beacon on ATV to underneath
ADDED: C-17 Globemaster support added back in
ADDED: XHR-1 'Vampyre' support added back in
CHANGED: Partial re-write of the FlightPlan system
REMOVED: IL-76 Aircraft Support/Option
CHANGED: 5 Smoke Cycles into Cargo Beacon (90sec intervals)
FIXED: Tweaked several ongoing MP issues
CHANGED: ParaJump Radar probability increased to 95%
ADDED: C-17 Radar probablity to 20% anywhere on map!
ADDED: ViewDistance HALO Jump Module Option
FIXED: XHR-1 LOD issue with Cargo Ramp
FIXED: Several lighting issues for several aircraft
CHANGED: The Xtra Crate is now a SOF-Type Crate
FIXED: The Carryall Backpacks are now in SOF Crate
FIXED: Cargo Drop Menu on Ground Cargo after Drop
REMOVED: several Dev Hints
ADDED: Option to Stand Back Up if stuck in freefall animation
(if you fall in the Ops Center - press [SHIFT] + [C] for Menu)
FIXED: Upgraded the CORE Menu setup... See Keybinding Doc

v0.1.0 Beta
NEW MODULE! (see docs folder)
CHANGED: Increased Reinforcements Probability
CHANGED: Removed Cluster from Arty (fps killer)
CHANGED: QRF Teams to 'move' instead of 'SAD'
ADDED: Enemy Radar System!
ADDED: Cargo Options: CRRC, SDV, ATV
ADDED: Carryall Backpacks to Crate
FIXED: Faction Selection in HVT Mission
CHANGED: HVT Mission has generic Briefing

v0.0.9.1 alpha
-fixed config error

v0.0.9 alpha
-NEW MODULE! (see docs folder)
-ADDED: Enemy Option Selection
-ADDED: HALO Flight SITREP to Laptop
-ADDED: I.M.S Explosives Detector Audio
-CHANGED: I.M.S in Slot or Vest ONLY
-FIXED: AAD Module Text to current setup
-FIXED: All Maps supported in FULL!
-CHANGED: Slight Re-Write (MC-130 ONLY)
-FIXED: JumpCrew Chat Fixed
-REMOVED: Vampyre, C-17, IL-76 Support
-FIXED: Added old 'Request Transport'
Plus numerous other changes and tweaks I can't remember!

v0.0.8 alpha
-FIXED: ParaJump, player not in plane
-FIXED: Night JumpLights for "Vampyre"
-FIXED: Mis-timing on landing EFX
-CHANGED: Updated ParaJump Script
-CHANGED: reduced velocity out back of plane
-CHANGED: Keybinding Initialization
-CHANGED: Improved A.I. HALO/ParaJumps
-CHANGED: Alt Range of C-130 25,000-35,000'
-CHANGED: Alt Range of C-17 35,000-45,000'
-CHANGED: Alt Range of XHR-1 45,000-65,000'
-ADDED: USS Nimitz Option - C130 & "Vampyre"
-ADDED: Gear/Weapons Crate to "Vampyre"
-ADDED: Virtual Arsenal Crate to "Vampyre"
-ADDED: Crate Options to Aircraft Module
-ADDED: Delete JumpPlane Option to Module
-ADDED: Max viewDistance during Jump, 10000m
-ADDED: Cargo Test Crate Option to MC-130
-FIXED: Sub Surface Pick-Up Player
-ADDED: Sub PickUp Option to Desk Module
-ADDED: Keybinding Menu Placeholder [WIP]
-Fixed: ANY Player can use Mission Generator in MP!
-CHANGED: SATCOM [still major WIP]
-Changed: Questrel; Default/ACE3 Option [WIP]
-FIXED: Sniff Audio
-ADDED: Keybinding Menu Placeholder [WIP]

*full changelog in download*

v0.0.7 alpha
-ADDED: SDV Loadout Option: Standard
-ADDED: SDV Loadout Option: Demolition
-ADDED: SDV Loadout Option: Explosives
-ADDED: SDV Loadout Option: Anti-Vehicle
-ADDED: SDV Loadout Option: Scout/Sniper
-FIXED: Floating Guns in SUB
-FIXED: Menu Options in SUB
-CHANGED: Menu Options in SUB
-FIXED: Generic X Conflict
-FIXED: Disarm 'L1 Bomb Device' Menu
-FIXED: Questrel 'SniperBuddy'
(ACE3 version coming soon)
-CHANGED: Removed Hand Grenade
-FIXED: Temporary Marker Option
-FIXED: A.A.D. Wet-Jump (lowest alt setting)
-REMOVED: Support for the old C-130 and C-17
-CHANGED: More Altimeters in Jumpcraft
-CHANGED: A.A.D. set to ASL (Above Sea Level)
-CHANGED: A.A.D. Altitude Settings
-ADDED: MC-130J Commando II Support (by fullerpj)
-ADDED: C17 Globemaster III Support (by fullerpj)
-ADDED: Over 20 Random Radio-Chatter Files
-ADDED: Weapon-On-Back upon HALO/Para Inspection
-ADDED: Depressurize Sound EFX in Aircraft
-ADDED: Opening Door Sound EFX in Aircraft
-ADDED: Aircraft Travel Time Option to Module
-ADDED: Red Chemlight to Boot Option
-ADDED: Auto-Door Open for BOTH MC-130J and C17
-ADDED: More Freefall/Wind EFX
-ADDED: Velocity out the Back of Jumpplane
-ADDED: Gear/Weapons/Equipment Crate
-ADDED: Virtual Arsenal Crate
-ADDED: HALO/ParaJump Menu Keybinding (Shift + H)
-ADDED: Standard Rebreather Supported (for T.F.R)
-ADDED: A.I. Support (still WIP)
(not in Plane yet, but AI will Jump with you)
-FIXED: Bold/Black Text Conflict with Config Files

v0.0.5 alpha
Tweaked: Numerous Code/Bug Fixes
Fixed: Image & Addon Entry (1.38)
Fixed: Desk Placement/Collision Code
Added: Generic Mission X (upto 5)
Fixed: Desk Placement/Collision Code
Added: 2nd SDV on Submarine (left & right)
Fixed: Cargo Lighting (ground; XHR-1)
Added: Altimeters to Airborne Craft
Added: User Custom Keybindings
Added: More Module Options!
Added: Automatic Activation Device
Added: Leather Thermal Jumpsuit; Onxy Black
changed: Increased Cargo Space in Jumpsuit
NEW: Complete Re-Write of SniperSystem!!!
Added: User Custom Keybindings
Added: 'Sparse' Sniper Blind/Hide Build
Added: 'Normal' Sniper Blind/Hide Build
Added: 'Thick' Sniper Blind/Hide Build
Added: Debug/Testing Feedback Script; ALT+D
Added: More Module Options!
Tweaked: Simple Ballistics [WIP]
Added: Skeleton (if suicide bomber explodes)
Tweaked: Testing/Example Map

v0.0.4 alpha
DESTROY: Increased Search Ranges
DESTROY: Added 4 Missions

v0.0.3 alpha
- Fixed: ALL Arma Maps Friendly
- Fixed: Sink Trawler Mission
- Tweak: Several Missions
- Added: "Special" Category
- Added: 1 "Special" Mission
- Changed: Test/Example Map (easier to use map/example)

v0.0.2 alpha
- Fixed: Several Missions
- Fixed: SATCOM (daylight optics)
- Fixed: Config Sound Error
- Fixed: Config Animation Error
- Fixed: Config Sound Error
- Fixed: Config Animation Error
- Fixed: Config System Text

v0.0.1 alpha
- NEW: Spec-Ops Mission Generator
- NEW: Added CIA: SAD/SOG Operative
- Upgrade: Module System!
- Fixed: Conflicts w/ Diver/Sub Mod
- Added: XHR-1 Icon
- Fixed: Extreme Alt Temps Too Cold
- Fixed: Extra Rebreather sound in water
- EFX: Tweeked Open Chute EFX & Sound
- Added: Auto Door Open (2nd Red/Ready)
- Added: Wetsuits & Goggles to Crate
- Fixed: Moved Altimeter to outer layer
- Upgrade: Module System!
- Fixed: Stablized Wind
- Targets: Unlimited Now Supported
- Added: Target Icons
- Removed: Fatigue Hit IF Ghillied-up
- Boonie: Added Hat Icon
- Boonie: Reduced Feather Size
- Questrel: Fixed Direction Error
- Upgrade: Module System!
- Added: Suicide Bombers! (with options)
- Fixed: IMS did NOT work with only ONE
- Type of explosive on Map (temp hotfix)
- Upgrade: Module System!
- Fixed: Player sometimes hurt in LOC
- Fixed: LOC Not Ready IF other Start
- Added: Sub Shallow/Deep Transports
- Added: Return to 'Ops Desk' from Sub

v0.0.0 (test)
- Public Testing Release
- Testing Steam Workshop
- Upgraded into Module System*
*HALO, Sniper, EOD, Diver

- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

Steam Workshop:
- Subscribe

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