X-Cam prototype map by Silola
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Silola released version 1.0 of his X-Cam prototype map on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Please note that this map is indeed a kind of a prototype.
    The prototype map was not designed to play missions on there.
    In particular, vehicles have some problems to stay/drive on the roads, because the density of objects in the immediate vicinity is too high.

    The 10 by 10 km map, based on a 2048 pixel grid and a cell size of 5 meters , has approximately 40% solid landmass distributed on several islands.
    The HD version of the map contains about 600,000 imported objects. In total, we have generated more than 320 export files with the X-Cam
    without any problems. There was only the known problems with some large objects that had to be adjusted manually.

    • Removed unused pbo
    • Updated X-CAM Prototype to version 1.1 including new ArmA3 Lighting and CUP support

Written on 2017-01-08 14:37 by Armaholic  

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