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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3
Signed: Yes

Short description: This pack currently features about 120 Beach-themed Objects for added immersion in your Mission or just to hang out.

Date: 2016-06-05 18:24

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PLP Beach Objects


War can wait - Its time for a Corazol Punch or a Mojito at the Wiki Wiki Bar, Pal.

This pack currently features about 120 Beach-themed Objects for added immersion in your Mission or just to hang out.
All of them have been made from scratch by myself - Some of them are quite some years old,
i tried to "dust them off" a little, but they differ in quality nevertheless.

To install the PLP Beach Objects you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use these PLP Beach Objects please refer to the included documentation.

Find the Mission-Editor Items under "Empty" -> "PLP Beach Objects" and "PLP Beach Objects (Small)"
From there it can be used in 2D Editor, 3D Editor, Zeus and the incredible xCam(!) from Silola.

Beach Torches can be set "inflame true" and "inflame false" like the campfire.

To the Island-Builders:
There are different methods to use the included .p3ds for a new map in Visitor/Landbuilder:

A) Simply unpack the plp_containers.pbo in your p-drive and use the p3d-Files from the Root-Folder.
You can include the 'plp_beachobjects.pbo' in your download if you want, so the Players do not have to download
several addons to make your island work.
Advantage: This helps to reduce the size of the map and requires less work. :)
Disadvantage: It will make the addon a requirement, so the map can only be played if plp_beachobjects.pbo has been loaded.

B) Use Mikeros Move-Tool to move the needed files to your Island-Project-Folder.
Youre allowed to include all my objects on your islands without my written permission.
Any other form of distribution requires my permission and must be in line with BIS' EULA (!)
Advantage: The Island-Users do not have to download any other Mods to make your Island work.
Disadvantage: Depending on the amount of objects you include in your addon, its file size might increase drastically.

Note: I never tested Solution B, but it should work .. i think .. somehow .. ;)

Known issues:
* Radio does not instantly stop playing when switched off
(If somebody has an idea, id be grateful!)
* Missing pathways for AI (Beach Bar)

Credits & Thanks:
More or less, ive been here since 2002 now and i owe a lot to several, valuable members of the community,
which were pioneers when no one else had the guts and the endurance ;)
Now i want to start to give something back to the coolest Community ever - Hope there is a lot of people having fun with my work.

* Team Mapfact (R.I.P.) for being cool, german "engineers" providing the community with Top-Notch Work and inspiring lots of others
(Especially to mention Silola for the 3DE and now the xCam - Without them i wont have built a single object - Now it is several thousands ..)
* Atsche
* Hotzenplotz
* Kju
* Smiley Nick
* Vilas
* SKH Clan
* Mondkalb
* John87
* Opticalsnare
* RobertHammer
* Mandoble
* DMarwick

License / Disclaimer:
Any unauthorized modification of the released files is not allowed without any written permission by the author(s).
You are using those files at your own risk.
Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by using of those files.
Usage of those files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes.

- Added: Eden Editor Support

- Fixed: "Vertex shader ID out of limits"

- Added: Mobile Coolers
- Added: Beach Bags
- Added: Sunshades
- Added: Floating Tyres
- Fixed: Model 70 Conversion
- Fixed: No entry 'SmallFire.Scope'

- Made Bottles, Beach Balls and several other, static objects destroyable
- Added several objects as moveable objects in new categories
- Added all Inventory Items to La Rosa Crate
- Added new Textures for orange Parasol and Inflatables
- Added Radio (60s) as static object
- Added Roadway-LODs to Bar Tables

- Addon is now signed
- Fixed Position of Beach Torch-Fire
- Fixed "No entry SmallFire.Scope"-Error
- Added Bottles, Glasses, Cigars and Lifebelt as Inventory Items
- Added La Rosa Crate
- Replaced Life Belt with better Model
- Added Lifebelt (Leaned)
- Changed Object-Scope of Base-Classes to 0 (Thanks NeoArmageddon!)
- Added direct Mapbuilder-Support (Set mapbuilder_filter)
- Several Model modifications
- Several Texture modifications
- Several LOD-Tweaks

- Added Big Island Radio (Object + Soundfiles)
- Added seatable versions of Chairs, Loungers and Towels
- Added Blackboard (Wiki Wiki)
- Inflatable Matress: Added 2 Textures
- Added Bar Stool (Upside Down)
- Added Light Bulbs (Editor-Placeable)
- Added Illuminated Advertising (Editor-Placeable)
- Surfboards: Added correct descriptive name
- Removed shimmer.p3d (Not needed)
- Several color-Tweaks
- Several ResLOD-Tweaks
- Several Shadow-Tweaks

- Added Chains of Lanterns and Light Bulbs in different colors
- Added Inflatable Matresses
- Added possibility to "inflame" the Beach Torches
- Added lights to the corresponding Objects
- Modified Glass parameters

- Added Wooden Trashcan
- Added Flip-Flops
- Added Bucket and Shovel
- Added the Wiki Wiki Beachbar (with Furniture and Decoration, Work in Progress)
- Fixed coloration/Brightness/Contrast of several textures

- Finished Beach Bar (Empty)
- Fixed most of the Geo LODs
- Fixed most of the buggy lighting
- Bottles: Removed Shadow LODs
- Cigars: Fixed texture

- Bar Stool: Increased size slightly
- Bar Stool: Fixed Geo LODs
- Bottles & Glasses: Better (quite not good) lighting
- Beach Chairs: Fixed Geo LODs

- Added lots of small objects (Spirits, Dispensers, Glasses, Cigars, Flatscreen)

- Added Beach Torches
- Beach Towels: Fixed Land Contact LOD
- Parasol Stands: Fixed Land Contact LOD
- Beach Bar: Changed texture for dispensing head
- Parasols: Doubled texture resolution / Polished texture / Changed colors
- Drawback A: Removed second pole
- Color fixing

- Initial Tests

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