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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.10
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addon includes a variety of units of the Argentine and the Uruguayan armed forces, looking to the year 2030.

Date: 2019-04-01 10:09

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Alecont & EDIDAV


This addon includes a variety of units of the Argentine and the Uruguayan armed forces.
This units includes the most notable soldiers of these armed forces, trying to incorporate all camouflage and equipment known from this two armed forces.
*We don't agree the copy of our work in any way, without our previous permision!!!

- Regimiento Infanteria 25
- Compañia Fuerzas Especiales 601
- Compañia Comandos 602
- Compañia Asalto Aereo 601
- Francotiradores de ejercito
- I.M.A.R.A (Argentina's marines)
- Compañia Cazadores de Montaña
- Pilotos

- Ejercito
- F.U.S.N.A.
- Comandos
- C.E.A.T. (Anti-terrorism Special Corps)

Guerrilla Army
- Ejercito guerrillero

To install the UNSUR you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- Report any bug or error

Credits & Thanks:
- Bohemia Interactive.
- Grumpy Rhino for your huey pack source.
- Aplion for his import tutorial from A2 to A3.
- PetraCephas for this weapon addons source.
- RamiroWTF from DAT for this weapon addons source.
- CDM-Foxtrop for FMK-3, Bersa and FM HI-Power.
- LukesToni and vanschmoozin for uca uniform.

License / Disclaimer:
*We don't agree the copy of our work in any way, without our previous permision!!!

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed
* Fixed bug that didn't allow the Bell-212 to be used
* Modified the loadout of the troops
* Modified CH-47 textures
- Eliminated previous models of the HMMWV
+ Added new HMMWV models. (Best and with interchangeable accessories)
+ Added FM MAG and M240 Machineguns
+ Added M89 Barrett

* Fixed bugs
* Fixed UH-1H texture load errors
+ Added new texture for UH-1H
+ Added Mercedez Benz G230
+ Added Bell 212 Argentine Air Force
+ Added Regiment Airborne Infantry units
+ Added Regiment Airborne Infantry ucam uniform
+ Added Regiment Airborne Infantry Red Beret

# Report in case of errors after the next update.

* Fixed error Argentina Weapon Box
* Fixed error that did not allow the inventory uniform to be removed.
+ Added new UCA uniform, Multicam, Green and Guerrilla
+ Added CH47F Chinook
+ Added FMK-3
+ Added FM Hi-Power M95
+ Added Bersa Thunder Pro

+ Added Saab Gripen NG (required Jets Dlc)
+ Added Air Force pilot
+ Added texture details in vests
+ Added Multicam Harness
+ Added Cazadores de Montaña insignia
+ Added V Brigada Aerea insignia

* Fixed configs uh1h error

+ Added FAMAS F1
+ Added Colt M4 SMG
+ Added New Unit Cazadores de montaña (Mountain hunters)
+ Added Argentina Weapon BOX
+ Added Uruguay Weapon BOX
- Substituted M4A1 for New model
* Fixed configs errors

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed
+ Added Compatibility with Zeus
+ Added FNFAL
+ Added M16A2
+ Added M16A2 M203
+ Added M4A1
+ Added G3A4
+ Added BARRET M82
+ Added MP5
+ Added Hummve from import from A2
+ Added MH9
+ Added New Uniform convined Woodland Patagonico
+ Added Group Argentine Units in Eden Editor
* Fixed configs errors

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed

+ Added UH1H helicopters
+ Added Pandur II armored vehicle
* Fixed uniforms texture
* Fixed flags mast

+ added Gen 3 uniforms for Argentina and Uruguay
+ all new camo textures for all uniforms
+ added ECH light helmets for Argentina and Uruguay
+ New camo texture for Guerrilla
+ added unit subcategory in editor
+ New names in arsenal
* fixed various issues related to uniforms, vest, and helmets
- deleted ERDL camo, and sustituted with M81 Woodland camo

* Fixed uniforms textures.

*added insignia friendly communities ( Clan ArgA, Soldados Virtuales ON, Soldados Virtuales ON )
*fixed insignia Guerrilla
*fixed commandlines uniforms Guerrilla
-sustituted vests Argentine units

- Deleted weapons dependencies
* Fixed uniforms bug, taking it from the floor
* Fixed uniforms bug, wrong model and textures in arsenal
* Fixed helmets armor
* Fixed vests armor

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed

- Deleted Recon unit from Argentina faction
+ Added FUSNA unit for Uruguay faction
+ Added platecarrier vest with flags for both armies (green, tan, black, and multicam for Argentina)
+ Added patches for both armies and others

* Fixed uniforms bug, when you coluld not take the uniform from the floor
* Fixed uniforms bug, when you could not use patches
+ New textures for CEAT uniform
+ New textures for Multicam
+ New textures for Guerrilla uniform
+ Added Patagonic uniform

- First release

- Community Base addons A3

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