The Eridanus Insurrection by Foehammer Studios
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SpaceNavy submitted an updated version of the The Eridanus Insurrection by the Foehammer Studios.
The changelog is available on the The Eridanus Insurrection downloadpage!

    Quote :
    The Eridanus Insurrection is an Arma 3 Halo-based mod focused on the civil war between the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the Insurrectionists, various groups of rebel factions amongst the outer human colonies. This mod will include multiple factions, a wide variety of custom weapons and vehicles, and multiple custom-made terrains for you to play with. Now strap in and prepare to drop feet first into hell.

    • New factions, vehicles, weapons, attachments, and equipment.
    • AGM compatibility
    • Task Force Arrowhead Radio compatibility
    • ALiVE compatibility
    • Arma 3 DLC Features included

Written on 2015-04-02 13:12 by Armaholic  

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