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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.8

Short description: An AI controlled UAV script that is mostly working.

Date: 2015-03-11 10:22

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Uav (cas)


An AI controlled UAV script that is mostly working.

Installation / Usage:
I've included the original editing folder along with a pbo if you want to test it out. Forgot to include a read me so here it is:

- Radio trigger is created in the description, I've just tweaked the example from the wiki.
- init.sqf contains the code to add the radio trigger to the player ( eventually I'll add in restricting to player "x" )
- UAV_Master is the core of the script
- UAV_radioPOS is a simple script solely to get players marker position when radio is triggered and feed that into the UAV_Master

I'd suggest plopping this into the editor to check it out for a minute before adding it into your mission. Released as v0.8 not that it matters but I call it about 80% done. There's some more checks I'll add down the road to get rid of messages when UAV first spawns in and when they return to previously called CAS position. Will also add in a RTB radio option to send the UAV home. It's now down to playing with it and seeing what else needs to be done besides the already mentioned. But, I'm a busy man so a final composition will take some time!

Known issues:
But there's a few issues I have at the moment.
1. addEventHandler and the MP version both are not working for sidechat on dedicated server. The alternative is to create another block of code to check weapons #'s and then fire off a side chat when number decreases. ( That's what I've done for the time being )
2. Bombing runs seem to be done around 250m - 350m, and if I increase the "flyInHeight" then the UAV will still descend to that altitude. Is there a simple way to force the AI to release bombs at a given altitude? I'd like for them to remain above 1000m at a minimum.
3. Setting the group ID is not syncing on a dedicated server, how may I do this within the script?

Credits & Thanks:
-Thanks JShock for the tips, all gtg except for the dive bombing.

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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