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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: Boost your mission's immersion and realism with these map- and NVG-improving scripts. Great for spec ops, night, or milsim missions.

Date: 2015-04-05 07:49

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Little Immersion Tweaks


Boost your mission's immersion and realism with these map- and NVG-improving scripts. Great for spec ops, night, or milsim missions.

Compatible with:

Not compatible with:
- ShackTac Map Brightness

-Not an addon. Scripts! Very easy to add to your mission.
-Map brightness is affected by weather, sunlight, chemlights.
-Usable flashlight on map.
-NVG is usable while viewing map.
-Remove unrealistic features like toggleable map textures and the "where am I?" button.
-Add noise and max viewdistance to NVG.
-Modular: use only the features you want.
-No addons needed.

Installation / Usage:
1. Place the "vip_cmn" and "vip_lit" folders in the ROOT of your mission folder. If "vip_cmn" already exists, use whichever folder is the latest version.
2. In the mission's Description.ext, add (or insert, if the classes already exist):
class CfgFunctions {
	#include "vip_cmn\fn\vip_cmn_fnc.hpp"
	#include "vip_lit\fn\vip_lit_fnc.hpp"

class CfgSounds {

	#include "vip_lit\resource\vip_lit_cfgSounds.hpp"
3. If using the flashlight feature, drag the "flashlight.paa" (red or white) you want from "/flashlight/white" or "/flashlight/red" into "/vip_lit/resource".
4. In init.sqf add the line:
[] execVM "vip_lit\vip_lit_init.sqf";
You can leave the input array blank for the default values, or customise your usage:
	0: Bool; whether to leave these scripts on after player dies; default false.
	1: Map Subtractions Array (leave empty to disable):
		0: Bool; whether to remove "Show player on map" button; default true.
		1: Bool; whether to remove and disable map textures; default true.
		2: Bool; whether to remove cursor grid ref; default true.
		3: Bool; whether to use alternative cursor type; default true.
	2: Map Additions Array (leave empty to disable): 
		0: Scalar: flashlight size to use (0 = normal, 1 = large); default 0.
		1: Bool: whether to enable NVG on map; default true.
		2: Bool: whether player starts with flashlight item; default true.
	3: NVG Array (leave empty to disable):
		0: Array (leave empty to disable):
			0: Scalar; max viewdistance of NVG; default 1000.
		1: Bool; whether to enable NVG grain; default true.
		2: Bool; whether to turn off NVG when using non-collimator optics; default true.
Remove on respawn, enable Map Subtractions, and nothing else:
[false, [true, true, true, true], [], []] execVM "vip_lit\vip_lit_init.sqf";
Don't remove on respawn, no Map Subtractions, no Map Additions, NVG grain and optics only:
[true, [], [], [[], true, true]] execVM "vip_lit\vip_lit_init.sqf";
5. Done!

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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I'm aware that some of these features are (or will be) in certain addons. The purpose of these scripts is for mission makers to implement similar features without addons.

Help me help you: Not all user-made maps have "mapSize" defined in their config. If you find a map that the flashlight does not work on, let me know, and I will include a support fix for it in a future update.

- fixed: issue where map light position was not updating
- changed: added alternate map cursor (optional)
- changed: added option to disable looking down most optics with NVG on
- changed: map light requires "acc_flashlight" to be in player's inventory or on weapon
- changed: map light and map NVG key can be rebound in notes; once rebound, they're saved in profile for future sessions
- changed: map light now affected by streetlamps, headlights, flashlights, pitfires, water depth
- changed: rain drops make noise on map
- changed: reorganised init scripts

- fixed: added support for SMD Sahrani; Takistan, Chernarus, Utes (A3MapPack versions)
- changed: removing map cursor grid is now optional
- changed: NVG can be used on map (optional)
- changed: flashlight key is F, map NVG key is N, regardless of player's bindings

- changed: chemlights illuminate map
- changed: tweaked moon brightness
- fixed: flashlight now supports non-round UI scales (no more black/white lines)

- changed: added option for red flashlight
- changed: added option for larger flashlight size
- fixed: flashlight would not work on VR map (BIS did not define "mapSize" in VR's config)

- first release

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- BI forums

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