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Megagoth1702 released an updated version of his MegaSound soundmod for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I am about to get back into sound modding. I disagree with most of the people just making sound LOUD LOUD LOUD and that's it. I hate the loudness war in music that now also seems to be popular to people in games. I believe in dynamic range.

    In an ideal world I will re-cofigure all relevant sounds in game so that footsteps, vehicles and weapons are balanced in a way that makes sense from a gameplay perspective. There is no way to keep it realistic, because we cannot use the real life dynamic range of over 150dB.

    To experience my vision you should have your volume set high enough so that "guns & usual explosions" are really loud. Not ear-breaking, but decently loud. Not everything will be heard at the same time, footsteps and environment will drawn out when loud stuff is around. I will keep samples so that they ALWAYS have a nice punch to them, especially the guns are lacking in that department in many mods out there.

    • Bullet Impacts have been re-visited, they are a bit less agressive now
    • rock and building impacs have gotten some quiet debris added

Written on 2015-03-23 20:02 by Megagoth1702  

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