Author: Rekkless
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, Mission Control Center Sandbox 4, RHS: Escalation, Leights OPFOR Pack
Island(s): Altis, Australia, Bystrica, Caribou Frontier, Chernarus, Fallujah, FDF Podagorsk, Helvantis, Isola di Capraïa, Isla Duala,Kunduz, Afghanistan, N'Ziwasogo, Namalsk, SMD Sahrani A3, Stratis, Takistan, Thirsk Island, Valtatie 5 (VT5), Winter Island, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.10

Date: 2015-10-09 09:45

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Tactical Map Pack


Inspired by the 'Master Altis' and 'MCC Templates' in the vanilla game. I have created what I see as the ultimate template for a more modern and modded ArmA 3 game.

- 50 Missions spread over 25 Maps. (2mb Download)

- 81 player slots spread over 3 factions + Zeus for most missions.

- Admin has option to lock to 1st person only in the mission parameters regardless of game difficulty.

- Initial Spawns are set to random. No need to log in as Zeus for MCC players, initial spawns will be created automatically. Or you can log in as Zeus and set initial spawns the option is left to you.

- All mods and addons allowed. You can run any additional mods you like.

- 60 second Respawn time for infantry, 120 second respawn time for vehicles to punish death a little bit more.

- Mission features US Army and Russian Forces from RHS Escalation and a Independent Faction from Leights OpFor or RHS Escalation depending on the mission.

- Custom GAIA Artificial Intelligence settings to give a good challenge without being overpowered or too stupid.

- Clean User Interface, all unnecessary icons, UI features have been disabled and streamlined for a more slick and immersive experience.

- Full ACE 3, Task Force Arrowhead Radio and ACRE 2 compatibility

ACE 3 Specific Features: (for those running the optional ACE 3 addon these are mission features exclusive to these users)

- Players will respawn with the exact same gear they died with (for push and survival missions). No need spawn Arsenals at base if you don't want to. (Setting can be manually turned on in MCC for non ace 3 users)

- Custom lock picking settings for a more realistic lock picking experience.

- Basic Medical System and Advanced Medical System missions included.

- Exclusive compatibility with the Tactical Maps Advanced missions featuring advanced settings for medical, ballistics, explosives, wind, lock picking, vehicle repair etc.

- Roles are locked at lobby selection. Medics bandage faster and only Medics can Epi Pen and Blood Bag, Engineers get bonuses while repairing vehicles, Explosive specialists get bonuses for using explosives.

Task Force Arrow Head Radio Specific Features: (for those running the optional TFAR addon these are mission features exclusive to these users)

- All squad members have same radio and frequency by default, teams just select what channel they want on the num pad and all players will be automatically synced up. No messing around with radios trying to get the right frequencies.

- Group leaders will not spawn with a long range radio, preventing dropping backpack on respawn.

- Set a channel in your teamspeak somewhere spelt exactly 'TaskForceRadio' with password '123' to enable hardcore Task Force Radio mode. Believe me this is well worth checking out.

ACRE 2 Specific Features: (for those running the optional ACRE 2 addon these are mission features exclusive to these users)

- Full Standard ACRE 2 functionality and compatibility.

Mission content:
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Altis - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Australia - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Bornholm - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Bystrica - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Capraia - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Caribou Frontier - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Chernarus - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Chernarus (Summer) - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Esseker - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Fallujah - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Helvantis, Germany - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Isla Duala - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Kunduz, Afganistan - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Lingor - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Namalsk - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical N'ziwasogo - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Panthera - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Proving Grounds - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Podagorsk - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Sahrani - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical SMD Sahrani - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Stratis - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Takistan - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Thirsk - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Thirsk Winter - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Valtatie 5, Finland - RHS
ZGM / MCC - Tactical Zargabad - RHS

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Future plans:
- Headless Client Support
- Tactical Thirsk and Thirsk Winter map
- Tactical Stratis map
- Completion of mission All In ArmA Terrain Maps
- Tactical Sahrani SMD map.

  • Fix ALL unnecessary mandatory addons due to poor porting of the mission to additional maps.
  • All missions should be totally standalone only requiring the bare minimum addons to run that mission.
  • README text added.

  • Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Community Base addons A3
    - Mission Control Center Sandbox 4
    - RHS: Escalation
    - Leights OPFOR Pack
    - Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) (Optional)
    - Task Force Arrowhead Radio (Optional)
    - All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) or ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP (Optional)
    - Fallujah (Optional)
    - Caribou Frontier (Optional)
    - FDF Podagorsk (Optional)
    - N'Ziwasogo (Optional)
    - Namalsk (Optional)
    - Kunduz, Afghanistan (Optional)
    - SMD Sahrani A3 (Optional)
    - Thirsk Island (Optional)
    - Isola di Capraïa (Optional)
    - Australia (Optional)
    - PMC (Optional)
    - Valtatie 5 (VT5) (Optional)
    - Helvantis (Optional)
    - Bornholm (Optional)
    - Isla Duala (Optional)
    - Island Panthera (Optional)
    - Lingor Island (Optional)
    - Esseker (Optional)

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