Mission Enhanced Little Bird by Diesel5187 and sykoCrazy updated
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Diesel5187 released an hotfix of the Mission Enhanced Little Bird addon by him and sykoCrazy on the BI forums.

Quote :
    This project is meant to represent the latest and most current version of the MH-6M and AH-6M special operations helicopter.

    • Fixed:
        - Sling loading works again!
        - Instrument gauge dials easier to see
    • Tweaked:
        - Damage model
        - Hellfire damage radius
        - Helicopter sound
        - Various optimization tweaks
        - Easter egg now easier to activate(action menu)
    • Removed:
        - TOW functionality from guided rockets since ACE3 lasers work again.

Written on 2015-12-04 08:48 by Diesel5187  

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