Author: nikietha
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Requirements: Extended Event Handlers (included)

Version: 1.0.0
Signed: Yes (server keys included)

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Date: 2008-05-31 15:00

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Extended Voice Addon

This addon contains adult language

This Addon contains some of additional words and adds some variants in AI radioprotocol. Basically, this is the reports on wounds, losses, targeting and attack.
Only reduced variant realised - bot's numbers, the exact indication of target (machinegunner or specops - both are simple men), and exact distance - cut off. This is little accelerates and simplifies a radioprotocol. All bots radiochat subtitles are saved as original. The new words variants are taken from ca\sounds\missions\character_name and completely correspond to characters voices in ca\voice. Addon based on Armed Assault Speech Database, by =BFP=Cheetah and flea's detailed instructions, Very Big thanks to BIS community for comments and suggestions))

To install:unpack archive to game folder and add to properties -mod = EVA or -mod = ArmAEffects; @TrueMods;.........; @EVA
If you do not know how to make/use modfolders have a look in our FAQ

Updating from Beta:
If you already have the beta version you can download this patch to update to version 1.0.0:

- Patch 1.0.0 (right click and Save as...)

Included files:

- Demo mp3 file (right click and Save as...)

Not tested in MP.
Only English language included.

Cheetah for detailed base of files, flea for the operative and detailed instructions, and certainly BIS, for tens written down, but not switched on in game, voices of the original game characters.

This addon does not contain materials protected by the laws on the copyrights, behind exception already given BIS. You can supplement and change it, not asking my permission, ut to specify my authorship and help those whom I have listed, is necessary.

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