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Short description: MBCon is a C# (.NET) BattlEye RCON client for ARMA 2/3 servers.

Date: 2015-07-04 10:03

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MBCon - Server RCON tool (BEC replacement)


MBCon is a C# (.NET) BattlEye RCON client for ARMA 2/3 servers. It uses a simple plugin system to make it easy to extend. (BattleNET is included at the moment as there is a missing BE command, this will be changed to nuget soon).

Included Plugins:
Console: Simply outputs stuff to a console window.
Logger: Logs various BE events to logs.
PlayerCheck: Can be used as a "global" bans list or a whitelister, using a file, http request or mysql database.
BEFilterMonitor: Watches bans.txt and filters and reloads them when changed.
RestartMessage: A simple plugin to do restart messages.
ScheduledTasks: Perform BE commands at certain times.
SimpleMessages: Sends messages to server at certain intervals.
WebLogger: Sends logs to a URL.
WebRcon: A very experimental plugin to allow access to a web-based RCON client.

Armaholic note:
Exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic is in no way responsible if this file causes any damages what so ever! Downloading and installing this program is at your own risk.

Run the exe file to install this application.

Edit the main config.ini, pointing to the active servers be config and start mbcon.exe.

- Disabled WebRcon by default

- First release

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- BI forums

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