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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Battleboys Port of HOG Mechanic for ArmA 3 - Repair and Refuel Script

Date: 2015-07-23 09:33

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HOG Mechanic

=Mason= & Theopolus

An excellent script for small groups that don't have lots of players willing to play the role of Logistics.

This set of scripts allows players to pick up and later use 'Repair Kits' to repair and refuel vehicles in ArmA 3. Kits are assigned to the players UID so they are persistent between revives if that's your style of play. Once the action is selected from the vehicles action menu, "Service Vehicle", the player will enter an animation during which the vehicle is being serviced. After about 30 seconds the vehicle will be fully repaired and refueled.

Works in single player as well as multiplayer and dedicated server environment. By default the array of classnames that may take and use repair kits is limited to the engineers in the vanilla game - WESTl, EAST and GUERILLA units. )

Installation / Usage:
1) Copy the provided sample mission to the following directory:
C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YourNick\mpmissions
2) open it in the multiplayer mission editor to have a look and copy the required objects to your own missions
3) Place the scripts into your own mission directory - by default these files assume that you store your scrips in a directory labelled 'scripts' in your mission folder
4) Place the following in your init.sqf:
/////Init HOG Mechanic & Public Variable/////
if ! isdedicated then {
[player] execVM "scripts\HOG_mechanic\common.sqf";
[player] execVM "scripts\HOG_mechanic\Repair\add_repair_TOvehicle.sqf";
[player] execVM "scripts\HOG_mechanic\repair_functions.sqf";
[player] execVM "scripts\HOG_mechanic\Repair\tyre_count.sqf";
/////End of Resource/////

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The Battleboys ArmA group has been using this version, as well as the original ArmA 2 version, for many years. I only recently decided to release this as a tool other groups could use. As a point of clarity, the note on =MASON='s original release thread under the "Distributing" section - use and distribution is AOK as long as credit is given. As well, about a year ago I did PM him to see that he was ok with my group porting it over to ArmA 3 but I did not hear back from him.

Credits & Thanks:
=MASON= deserves all the credit for this great tool. As well, several key BI community contributors helped him develop these scripts. I would like to thanks the Battleboys ArmA group for help port this tool over to ArmA 3 - special mention goes to BANSHEE for finding the perfect ArmA 3 animation to simulate the repair action.

Original by =MASON= -
ArmA 3 Port by JESTER AKA Theopolus

License / Disclaimer:
Please note that you do NOT require permission from The Contributors to distribute simulation content (e.g. missions) created with the Software.
However, The Contributors do ask that you credit the Software in any release documentation.

(Please note that credit is given where credit is due - great script =MASON=)

- first release

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