Marks, Labels & Insignias - CamoVersion by McLupo
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McLupo informed us he released an updated version of his Marks, Labels & Insignias - CamoVersion on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    As long I have played ArmA I missed the option to see who is shooting at me.
    I never see decals, marks, labels, or insignia.
    So I did what must be done.
    I have created an addon for providing what i did mentioned above, because I never want to hear: "Hold fire! Blue on Blue"
    Furthermore I retextured the camouflage for all factions (BLUFOR, OPFOR and AAF).
    Every faction, BLUFOR, OPFOR and Resistance got it own camouflage and unique decals

    • Added: TO-199 Neophron
    • Added: A-143 Buzzard
    • Added: A-164 Wipeout(Desert)
    • Added: A-164 Wipeout(Woodland)
    • Added: A-164 Wipeout
    • Added: Overhault mod logo
    • Added: Zeus compatibility
    • Added: New lettering (NATO) only affected vehicles
    • Deleted: Old lettering (BLUFOR) only affected vehicles
    • Changed: BLUFOR faction renamed to NATO
    • Fixed: config.cpp
    • Fixed: ReadMe

Written on 2015-09-08 16:12 by McLupo  

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