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Version: 1.3

Date: 2008-09-01 13:15

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I'm constantly reading about how players want more complex PvP missions and are even asking for the Project Reality mod concept and there are not enough people doing full featured PvP missions, so I resumed researching the AAS2 game mode again and spent a couple days building this mission to include many impovements and extra features to enhance the game-mode experience to as close as I can make it to PR for now.

AAS2 game-mode intro:
Capping Zones:
  • Most zones are nested:
      [*]so when you capture the outer zone (90 seconds), it becomes a neutral striped marker,
    • then when you capture the inner CP (command post) zone (60 seconds) (usually a building), both become a solid marker and the zone becomes spawnable.
  • Some zones are grouped:
      [*]so you need to capture all of the grouped zones before proceeding (eg: Alpha & Bravo before trying Charlie & Delta)
  • Most complex scenario is a team having 2 zones to defend plus 2 zones to attack
Win criteria:
    [*]TP = Time-held Points - Win by holding any zones accumulating most 'hold' points overall.
  • FH = Final Hold Count - Win by holding most zones at end of timed game
  • Or to win outright you must hold ALL the zones unchallenged during a final countdown.
General game rules and features: Mission scenario:
  • Sea/Air vs Land (SAvL) - usually separated by ocean waters - making vehicle airlifts essential for the SA side.
  • Air vs Air (AvA) - usually separated by mountains or forests - making heavy vehicles unusable and air transport ideal. Requires high player numbers.
  • Land vs Land (LvL) - usually around the common road networks and towns - making fast land transport ideal.
  • Sea vs Sea (SvS) - experimental fun. Heavy use of boats for transport and attacks. Could be worth a try.
  • Town (Town) - situated in one of the major towns or regions - suitable for infantry and light vehicle combat. Uses lower players numbers.
Vehicle respawn times:(Times in minutes)
  • 60 = abandoned vehicles
  • 1 = Cars, Motorbikes, Boats
  • 1.5 = Support trucks, Trucks, HMMWV, UAZ
  • 2 = Transport choppers
  • 3 = APC, light armour (eg: M113, Stryker, BRDM2, BMP2, Vulcan, ZSU, Ambul)
  • 5 = MBT (tanks)
  • 6 = Jets, Attack choppers
Respawn Options:USMC:
  • 2-3x Base locations
  • 2-3x Mobile Respawn Vehicles
  • 2-3x Deployable Bunkers
  • If enabled at setup, each captured CP (outer zone plus inner command post)
    [*]2x Base locations
  • 2x Mobile Respawn Vehicle (BMP2 ambulances)
  • Each captured CP (outer zone plus inner command post)
Vehicles:Helicopters have airlift capabilities.
* varied according to theme - to be advised

* varied according to theme - to be advised

Civilian Towns:
* Various Cars & trucks

Civilian Towns:
  • Various Cars & trucks

  • Restricted weapons: (limited/special/heavy)
    Restricted weapon limitations is achieved via kits in the Armaments dialog. Certain vehicle crates also contain ammo for these restricted weapons along with regular ammo.

      * Javelin AT - Ammo: armour, APC's, trucks, UH60
      * M136 - Ammo/weapon: armour, APC's, trucks, choppers
      * M24 - Ammo: armour, APC's, trucks, UH60, HMMWV

      * Strela AA - Ammo/weapon: armour, APC's, trucks,
      * RPG7V - Ammo/weapon: armour, APC's, trucks, (choppers)
      * SVD - Ammo: armour, APC's, trucks, (Mi17), UAZ
    Weapons & Ammo plus Crates & Vehicle Cargo:
      * Bases have ammo stores with a 'Armaments' action for all weapons, ammo and equipment.
      * Base ammo stores also have a 'Base deployment' action to deploy to a held location or vehicle.
      * All ammo stores, bunkers, crates and vehicle cargo have an action to: 'take field dressings'
      * Most vehicles have (vehicle specific) deployable crates - containing basic and sometimes restricted weapons and ammo plus equipment
    MP comm's system: (markers, waypoints, voices, chat)
    • Squad orders - eg: Attack, Regroup, LZ, Mine, etc
        [*]also squad and personal waypoints via Alt+LeftClick & Shift+LeftClick on map.
      [*]Requests - eg: Pickup, airlift, airdrop, ammo, support, etc
    • Spot - eg: enemy spawn, armour, choppers, soldiers
    • acknowledge - not implemented yet
    Vehicle tracking markers:
      [*]Yellow: V=Mobile Respawn Vehicle
    • Green: F=fuel, R=repair, A=ammo, M=ambul/medical,
    • Yellow: J=Jeep/APC/light armour, H=Helicopter
    • Red: AA=AntiAir, T=tank/AA/heavy armour
    Installation: Just extract the pbo files to your ArmA\MPMissions folder

    Known issues:
    None reported, plenty of tweaking to perform in the meantime

    Future planes:
    Commander mode, spawning:
      - Finish Commander/Squad comm's system - partly implemented
      - Team should require support truck at inner CP to capture and establish command post.
      - Artillery option
    Squad specific abilities
      - squad specific mobile spawn vehicles,
      - SL abilities - eg: commander/HQ requests
      - capture zone faster with more players and with a minimum of 2
      - Boomerange Sniper Detection System
    Change log:
    * 5 new missions
    * New Artillery & Laser Maerker HUD
    * Bug fixes

    * Boomerang counter-sniper system
    * New airlifting HUD
    * New personal WP HUD
    * New HMD helicopter HUD
    * Armaments & Score HUD bug fixes
    * Other minor tweaks and improvements

    - Small bug fixes

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    - BIS

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