Werthles' Headless Module by Werthles
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Werthles released an updated version of his Werthles' Headless Module on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Headless client: Arma game copy that just plays AI units. HCs can process AIs on separate machines, so servers can handle 100s more AIs with human players.

    Sync units to be controlled by the server to the Ignore Module. Sync the setup module to HCs you want to use (or sync none for all HCs to be used).

    This is the module version of my Werthles' Headless Kit.

    • Option to offload AI to server,
    • Option to not load any debug functionality for a small performance improvement,
    • Option to use WHM for debugging only,
    • Memory leak fixes,
    • Empty group cleanup now on HCs as well as server,
    • Various algorithm efficiencies,

Written on 2016-04-22 09:12 by Werthles  

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