Author: [INS] Shogun
Author Website:

Requirements: CUP - Terrains Core, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, Community Base Addons A3, Enhanced Movement, Fox SurvivalCars

Signed: Yes

Short description: Zombie Survival/Base building. This mod is aiming at mixing the best from the old DayZ Mod and Rust!

Date: 2018-11-15 09:15

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[INS] Shogun

Zombie Survival/Base building/Crafting/Vehicle modifications

This mod is aiming at mixing the best from the old DayZ Mod, Rust, and 7 Days to Die!

Thank you for all the support thus far!

Make sure to check our change logs and keep up with the newest updates!

Also, looking for 3d modellers of any skill level to assist in creating new assets for Decimation Mod.



Environment -


Required Mods -
-CUP Terrains Pack - Core
-CUP Units
-CUP Weapons
-CUP Vehicles
-Arma Enchanced Movement
-Decimation v0.67

Public/testing server #1 -
NA#1|DECIMATION MOD|Chernarus||NFOServers

Public/testing server #2 -
EU#1|DECIMATION MOD|Chernarus||Arma-Portugal.PT

If you need any help joining the public servers, feel free to ask in our community teamspeak or discord.


To install the Decimation mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
-Thanks to everyone who has ever helped me with anything related to coding. Pretty much anyone who use to post scripts and how-to's on opendayz forums back in the day.
-Thank you to MmmYum for the 2 walking zombie animations.
-Thank you Josh Fogdall (a.k.a Abhorsen) for your freaky "the last of us" clicker noises, providing a few zombie faces, and making several zombie sounds!
-Thank you Christian Vestergaard (a.k.a Rifson) for the zombie skins, countless textures, and 3d models you've made just for this mod!
-Thank you Warren Murphy (a.k.a MaLPaSo) for the zombie skins and faces you've made for the mod!
-BIG thanks to Isaac "Lane" Vickers (a.k.a FatTeddyBear) for help with 3d models, texturing, and zombie skins!
-Thank you to Dark Eregion for his Katana Model!
-BIG thanks to the staff at Insurrection Gaming for their continued support! I wouldn't know what to do without you guys!
-HUGE thanks to all and everyone who has donated to our community to keep things running! You are all the real MVP here.
-Death music (Lost Time by Kevin MacLeod) provided by
-All CUP pbos in Decimation Mod are not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-CBA A3 JR pbo is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-DBO old bike pbo is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-Tactical beards pbo is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-Specter_Armaments pbo is not made, and IS modified by Decimation Mod team to correct config.bin errors in config.cpp. Nothing else is modified and we do not take credit for this addon. Permission was given by the Author: $pector to redistribute his mod.
-kio_skl_msk pbo is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-kio_%_hat pbos is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-kio_balaclava_expanded pbo is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod team.
-HLC_core and HLC Springfield pbos is not made, nor modified by Decimation Mod Team.
-ns_mutants.pbo is not made and is modified by Decimation Mod team (port from arma 2 into arma 3) with permission from the author, Sumrak
-ns_mutants.pbo Zombie models (Model by Sumrak, textures by GSC Game World - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)
-ns_mutants.pbo Bloodsucker model (Textures and model by GSC Game World - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)
-Special thanks $pecter for helping with some 3d models and textures!
-DATA_HOUSES_DS.pbo and ds_houses.pbo was NOT made, but IS modified by Decimation Mod team and is under APL-SA. Release - . Source -
-Chernarus map and all associated files was not made, nor modified by Decimation mod team. All Chernarus files are property of Bohemia Interaction Studios.
-Anything located inside of ins_code.pbo, ins_base.pbo, ins_gate.pbo,ins_config.pbo,ins_items.pbo,ins_zombie.pbo,ins_vehicles.pbo and ins_gfx.pbo is not to be used without direct permission from the author

License / Disclaimer:
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
To view a copy of this license, visit

fixing a typo with magazine config.
Fixed an issue where magazines would not visually show up on weapons.

Various fixes for CUP update, config.bin errors
Fix for 'winter chernarus requires XX addon' error
server owners can now name there server anything they want.

[Fixed] issue that caused airdrops to not...drop from the air
[Changed] simulation effects for base objects and vehicles

[Fixed] server log spam due to AI (why this is being pushed earlier)
[Changed] toolbox is a bit smaller
[Changed] barracks texture slightly

Whitelisted Outlaw's Decimation and |ZLC| Zombieland servers

fixes, loot balancing. Server file release.

hotfixes for some vehicles not having scroll wheel actions (repair/salvage/etc)

various issues with repairing/salvaging. (CaSe-SeNsItIvE bullshit with HiTpOiNtS)

hotfixes for fox_survivalVehicles update

hotfix for issue with zombies not moving

1 specific vehicle actions fix

[Added] ability to loot trash cans
[Changed] condensed several melee functions into 1 function
[Changed] condensed all base building functions into 1 function
[Changed] AI can no longer spawn with heli crash level items
[Changed] airdrop event now uses a plane and will drop near a random player
[Changed] hunger, thirst, stamina, and temperature all degenerate much more slowly
[Changed] day/night cycle is much slower (about 1.5 hours day, 30 minutes night)
[Changed] heavy lifting of player saved data is done by the server now
[Changed] player log in code completely rewritten for extDB3
[Changed] All weapons, magazines, and ammo have been reworked. All 9mmX19mm ammo will work will all 9mmX19mm weapons, same for 5.56, etc
[Fixed] issue that caused zombies to no longer move after having a target
[Fixed] issue that caused bloodsucker to attack many times instead of hitting and running
[Fixed] firestation at balota is now level
[Fixed] pop-up error related to Land_BarGate2
[Fixed] issue that caused busted vehicles to spawn in + blow up every server restart
[Fixed] issue with vehicle salvage/repair that caused the vehicle to do nothing at all
[Fixed] issue with zombies not making idle/roaming noises
many many more fixes, changes, optimizations that I did not keep track of. Sorry for the delay between updates. I am doing my best from here on to have 1 update a month. There is a few more backend/server stuff I need to do before I can continue adding new fresh things. Thank you all who have stuck in there with me.

- (fixes from arma 3 1.78 update)
[Added] new 3d model and textures for toolbox

[Changed] the wrench is now a toolbox
[Changed] toolbox has 25 uses (up form 15)
[Changed] fixing the 'wrench' is now 'remaking tools' for the toolbox

[Fixed] can no longer combine magazines for the 'wrench/toolbox'
[Fixed] issue with CBA class 'initEvents'

[Removed] unused files
[Removed] duplicate entry for discord on server lobby info board

hotfix #2

hotfix for signature errors

Many files and functions have been reworked and moved into the steam download.
I did not include all these changes in the notes below.
This allows others to create single player scenarios and to use to editor with little to no experience.
To set this up, you must place down a 'Decimation player', which is under the independent faction.
When you connect to this unit, all functions, scripts, events, spawning, will happen as if you are playing on the live servers.
There is no support for persistent single player missions or scenarios. (Meaning nothing in single player is saved)
Again, this brings SUPPORT for single player, this update does NOT include any single player content.
Our focus is still on multiplayer, until it is finished, we will not be working on an official single player mission.
Thanks you for all your support and patience!
[Added] cap on how many roadside barrels can spawn
[Added] dynamic vehicle wreck spawner along roads
[Added] glass recipe from sand in fireplaces
[Added] function to determine if the weather can allow raining or not
[Added] function that allows zombies to target AI
[Added] function that allows zombies to target other players, other than the player who spawned the zombie
[Added] missing config entries to some vehicles to remove inventory completely on spawn
[Added] many new road textures
[Added] new pbo, 'ins_structures' which contains new barracks model
[Added] new damage/health system
[Added] function to allow items to spawn inside of uniforms/vests/packs
[Added] function to let zombies miss their attacks
[Added] loot positions for new barracks model
[Added] new bridge to skalisty island (thanks to baal domiel)
[Changed] weather system to not allow it to rain as much as it use to
[Changed] loot spawning will now take place further away from the player
[Changed] zombie spawning will be further out from the player
[Changed] temperature to not be as harsh due to overcast or high wind
[Changed] weather should update faster across all players and server
[Changed] function that checked if player was inside building to ensure it detects the player in a building or not (this effected temperature and zombie AI)
[Changed] function for checking if player is ontop of an object or roof
[Changed] zombie hording function to include all nearby zombies, not just ones the player spawned
[Changed] player eventhandlers are now config.cpp based, no longer scripted
[Changed] AI eventhandlers are config.cpp based, no longer scripted
[Changed] wild animal spawning is now handled by the server and is no longer on the player
[Changed] changed military barracks model over to another type
[Changed] zombie function for light of sight, now take into account eye sight and not just IF the zombie COULD see you (like the zombie facing away from you, they can no longer spot you now)
[Changed] damage handlers for zombies are now config.cpp based, no longer scripted
[Changed] AI handlers are not config.cpp based, no longer scripted
[Fixed] classnames that had been removed from extra buildings/map edits
[Fixed] issue that caused some vehicles not to update properly in database
[Fixed] issue that prevented newly spawned vehicles from being damaged
[Fixed] issue that wouldn't let stamina degenerate while strafing
[Fixed] can no longer accidently open the 'dlc' screen
[Fixed] issue that caused earplugs to remain in after death, causing player to hit the button twice for earplugs
[Fixed] issue that caused players to limp without being injuried
[Fixed] Several issues when fresh vehicles spawn
[Fixed] Issue with old bike not spawning correctly
[Removed] unused code in mission file
[Removed] A3 damage system for players
[Removed] old zombie functions no longer being used

[Added] crafting recipe for hammers (2 sticks and 2 rocks)
[Added] Support for Fox_SurvivalCars vehicles mod
[Added] light bulb item
[Added] ability to repair lights on vehicles
[Added] buildable street lamp and building kit
[Added] buildable wall lamp and building kit
[Added] Zombies no longer react to player gunshots if using a suppressor
[Added] 2 new zombies
[Changed] more optimizations to scroll wheel actions
[Changed] notifications on screen are closer to the center and more noticeable. When inventory is opened, notifications are displayed on the side of the screen
[Changed] vehicle limit to 183 (up from 160, to help with new fox vehicles spawning)
[Changed] reworked/rebalanced all headgear on loot tables
[Changed] you no longer need to get in the driver's seat before repairing/salvaging a vehicle
[Changed] repair and salvage now has more options to repair or salvage
[Changed] You can no longer salvage or repair the 'middle' tires and other hidden vehicle parts
[Changed] voice/chat server settings
[Changed] it should rain considerably less now
[Changed] total helicopter crash sites to 5 (was 3) and total vehicle crash sites to 10 (was 3)
[Fixed] Wrecks at Zelenogorsk military checkpoint can now be salvaged for scrap metal
[Fixed] floating heli wreck at Zelenogorsk
[Fixed] issue that caused error message when crafting or building to show twice
[Fixed] potential exploit with opening other's doors and removing other's objects
[Fixed] issue that caused ghost base building models to freeze when not snapped to something
[Fixed] issue where you could not refuel at certain map objects
[Fixed] missing wrecks that couldn't be salvaged from
[Fixed] issue that caused roadside boxes to spawn with same loot as high end barrels
[Fixed] issue where standing on the loot pile was considered to be 'inside' a building. Effected temperature and zombie pathing
[Removed] ambient server side zombies. FPS loss on live servers was too much for what I would like and did not have this issue on test servers

[Added] ambient server side zombies
[Added] HUD icons for health, hunger, hydration, stamina, and temperature will now blink green if you are gaining in that stat, and blink red if something in effecting that stat
examples -
- While infected, health, hunger and hydration will blink red
- After consuming an energy drink, stamina and hydration will blink green
[Added] 2 new zombie faces/skins (thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Changed] the 'eject with parachute' option while in air vehicles will no longer show as primary option when available
[Changed] Night time running zombies will no longer run during the day time
[Fixed] issue that caused running zombies to stop moving until they had a target
[Fixed] issue that caused fall damage and damage from fire to heal players (in hotfix)
-Servers are updated to ArmA3 1.72

[Added] 12 newly configured vests and added them to loot tables
[Added] online/offline notice when look at a base object's durability
[Added] 70 newly configured uniforms, 8 are completely new, and added them to loot tables
[Added] uniforms that visually have a jacket or coat now effect temperature
[Added] more wrecks and buildings to Chernogorsk
[Added] loot spawns to crashed C130s
[Added] 5 new zombie uniforms textures (thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] 2 new zombie faces, arms, and leg textures (thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] Running zombies make a return. They will only spawn at night
[Added] new event that will spawn camp sites in forests with tents and gear
[Changed] just having something in the vest slot now effects your temperature
[Changed] jackets now have double the effect on temperature
[Changed] it is now a bit harder to overheat from all temperature sources
[Changed] lowered wind/rain and other environmental sounds that tended to make ears bleed
[Changed] slightly raised the distance at which zombies can hit you
[Changed] sped up some zombie animations
[Fixed] exploit with bats and clubs damaging bases
[Fixed] issue that caused zombies to spawn directly on top of players
[Removed] all current vests from loot tables
[Removed] all current uniforms from loot tables
[Removed] all cricket/cicada sounds

[Added] blood trails to players who are bleeding out
[Added] A2 old bicycle
[Changed] server clean up functions to include new blood trails
[Changed] server functions to make use of 64bit
[Changed] decay rate on NA1 due to change from 3 hours restarts to 6 hour
[Changed] raised old bike speed slightly
[Changed] base raiding damage for offline to 1/10th of the actual damage (1/100th was a typo)
[Fixed] access error with wooden club
[Fixed] RPT errors regarding zombie faces
[Fixed] issue that did not allow refueling of air vehicles
[Removed] beard addons
[Removed] dbo bike addons
[Removed] HLC source addons
[Removed] Immersion breaking hats

[Added] Wooden Club model (Thanks to Dark Eregion!)
[Added] Wooden Club to bush search function
[Added] Inventory icon for wooden club
[Added] Land_Ind_Workshop01_03 building now has loot spawns and is on the construction loot table
[Added] 27 backpacks that are properly place in the correct loot tables and all show which level they are (so you know if one pack holds more than another pack)
[Added] 8 different boats
[Added] ability to loot dumpsters around the map
[Added] zombie spawns to vehicle wrecks/heli crashes with chance to spawn the tank zombie
[Added] bridge to connect Skalisty Island to the mainland
[Added] Offline/online base raiding functions. If owner hasn't logged in during a server restart period, owner's base will only take 1/100th the amount of damage
[Added] ability to repair, refuel and nudge boats. When a boat is beached, get into driver's seat, then use the nudge option. It will be pushed in the direction you're facing
[Changed] loot spawning to account for total loot positions a building has (ex: less total positions in a building = more chance of loot spawning)
[Changed] vehicle spawning functions to include boats
[Changed] roaming AI abilities to have a hard cap so they can't be too good
[Changed] optimized some files related to scroll wheel actions
[Changed] you can now snap walls on top of walls
[Changed] RPGs now does 250 damage to base items (up from 150)
[Changed] C4 now does 500 damage to base items (up from 300)
[Changed] Sleeping bags now take 25x the amount of damage from all sources (up from 10x)
[Changed] All storage now takes 5x the amount of damage from all sources (up from 3x)
[Changed] Vehicle limit to 160 to help new boats to spawn in (up from 150)
[Changed] Roaming AI now have at least 3 magazines on them at all times
[Fixed] issue that allowed players to siphon unlimited fuel from bikes
[Fixed] some missing vehicle wrecks that could not be salvaged from
[Fixed] issue that caused vehicle wrecks to give more scrap/sheet metal than its suppose to
[Fixed] Cannot Open Object error for a CUP land rover
[Fixed] issue that caused roaming AI to duplicate gear
[Removed] all old backpacks in favor for the newly configured ones

Hotfix for config.bin error

[Added] 6 new load screens (thanks to BanditHero and Rifson!)
[Added] new buildings/additions to North-east airfield
[Changed] added piston and belt model to overall engine parts model (Thanks to Dark Eregion!)
[Changed] inventory icon for engine parts to fit new model
[Fixed] issue where you could not loot the trash boxes along roads
[Fixed] melee swing sound when hitting 'air'
[Fixed] issue that caused blood splatter on screen when healing
[Fixed] Sound playing twice over when a zombie's head pops off
[Fixed] issue that caused vehicles to blow up instantly on having %100 damaged hull
[Fixed] issue where players could not fix turrets and guns on vehicles that have them
[Fixed] issue that caused delay of gas mask effect on screen, it is now instant upon putting on or taking off
[Removed] Open Chernarus Project mod (for the time being until they fix some bugs and other issues)
[Removed] Esseker mod. EU1 server has been wiped and switched to Chernarus

[Added] functionality to loot damaged safes after durability is less than 1,000
[Added] animation for safes to open/close their doors upon looting
[Added] functionality for safe doors to come open once durability is less than 1,000
[Added] new sleeping bag model
[Added] model for engine parts (Thanks to Dark Eregion!)
[Added] engine parts to construction loot table
[Added] sleeping bags now have a respawn timer of 5 minutes (can only be used once per 5 minutes)
[Changed] all storage tents take 3 times the amount of durability damage from all sources
[Changed] base objects repair and single object repair to lock and close safe
[Changed] servers are now running in 64bit!
[Changed] repair and salvage functions to include in engine parts
[Fixed] holster issue on respawn
[Fixed] potential 'crash to desktop' error from local event handler
[Fixed] issue that caused tents and safes not to take durability damage
[Fixed] issue where sleeping bags would not take durability damage

[Added] new faceless zombie texture (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Changed] Rockets now to 125 durability damage (up from 100)
[Changed] sleeping bags durability to 1000 (up from 500)
[Changed] sleeping bags now take 3 times the amount of durability damage from all sources
[Changed] weight of bike tires in inventory to 5 (down from 20). This is inline with all other custom items
[Changed] rearranged every single config file, organized every item, model, config, graphic into appropriate folders
[Changed] loot table balancing and adjustments to rarities
[Fixed] formatting issue in help menu
[Fixed] bug where you couldn't open inventory near a safe
[Fixed] exploits opening safes that do not belong to the player and added extra logging incase another exploit shows itself
[Fixed] issue that caused bikes not to be deleted after dismantling
[Fixed] exploit that would allow players to mine rocks indefinitely
[Fixed] AI player's dead body deleting too quickly or right in front of players

[Added] Help menu/beginner guide in game
[Added] Help menu button to inventory screen
[Added] fucntions for help menu to be display on first log in after new patch
[Added] framework and functions for roaming AI
[Added] 50 random roaming, player like AI
[Added] map edit in Zelenogorsk
[Changed] rain has less effect on player's temperature
[Changed] players can no longer get overheated by being near a camp fire
[Changed] AI heli functions to fix some of their waypoint issues
[Fixed] issue with dead zombies
[Fixed] custom placed hospitals having unbreakable glass

hotfix for dead zombie bug

[Added] new melee weapon - baseball bat
[Added] ability to knockout zombies for a short duration with baseball bat
[Added] %100 damaged engines in vehicles will now cause vehicle to blow up (instead of just %100 damaged fuel tanks)
[Added] new melee weapon - Katana (thanks to Dark Eregion!)
[Added] crafting recipe to create a fireplace with 4 sticks
[Added] custom map edit at NWAF entrance
[Changed] Zombies will now die in one hit from all melee weapons EXCEPT for the baseball bat
[Changed] All server events (heli crashes, AI heli, barrels, trash boxes, radTown, vehicle wrecks) now have individual item rarity
[Changed] message/notification system now fades in and out
[Changed] functions to show item icons in message/notification
[Changed] all crafting goes through 1 function instead of 2
[Fixed] issue that caused zombies to knock players out while in a vehicle
[Fixed] issue where completely %100 damaged vehicles would refuse to blow up
[Removed] legacy code that is no longer being used

more fixes!

[Added] flies and crows to dead player bodies
[Changed] environmental sound levels
[Fixed] issue that caused wrecked vehicles not to be deleted
[Fixed] issue that caused custom sounds to not attach to the object/person the sound was coming from

[Added] models for Ak74 barrel, buttstock, pistol grip, and upper receiver
[Added] ability to craft Ak74
[Added] models for m16 upper and lower receivers
[Added] ability to craft m16
[Added] 16 new zombie uniforms (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] 3 new zombie faces/skins (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] Dynamic temperature system. Takes into account time of day, inside buildings, wearing a jacket, near fires, using heatpacks, moving, inside vehicles, in water, rain, overcast, wind, and clothing.
[Added] HUD for temperatute next to health, hunger, thirst, and stamina
[Added] negative effects from being too hot or too cold. Too hot with drain thirst faster and if too high, lose health. Too cold will make the player sick and add screen shake effect
[Added] Temperature on HUD will now slowly turn blue or red while heating up or cooling down
[Added] Temperature on HUD will flash between solid white and blue/red when you are too cold or too hot
[Added] created loot spawn positions for 6 building types, thanks to CUP for creating new interiors!
[Changed] functions to allow weapon crafting to work with current crafting functions
[Changed] loot tables for vests. Any vest that has visible ammo pouches have be removed from lower end and civilian loot tables
[Changed] loot tables for jackets. Any Jacket now has a chance to spawn in nearly any building but at a reduced rate
[Changed] Heatpacks now serve a purpose and have been put on the lower end loot tables (instead of just at hospitals)
[Changed] day/night cycle is slightly longer now
[Changed] fixed some loot spawn positions on 4 building types
[Changed] message/notification system to be a bit more relient and organized
[Fixed] exploit with getting scrap metal from certain vehicle wrecks on Chernarus (will be fixed when A3 patch 1.67+ hits)
[Fixed] HUD elements improperly overlapping either other
[Fixed] issue at Shogunogorsk where you could not open doors on some of the new CUP buildings
[Fixed] issue with safes not taking durability damage
[Removed] 2 props at radTown that caused errors from CUP update

[Added] link to wikipedia page on lobby screen
[Added] chernarus map's bushes to search through bush functions
[Added] chernarus map's trees to chop down tree functions
[Added] chernarus map's rocks to mine rock functions
[Added] black, blue, brown, green, grey, red, white, and yellow armbands
[Added] 6 new zombie uniforms - thanks to MaLPaSo!
[Added] ability to craft armbands using 1 cloth
[Added] map edits at Balota on Chernarus
[Added] map edits at Stary on Chernarus
[Added] parameters for radTown on chernarus
[Added] map edits at Northwest Airfield
[Added] map edits at Berezino
[Added] 1 new zombie face and arms texture (thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Changed] search through bush functions have a weighted loot table + rarity for items
[Changed] hammer texture
[Changed] text notifications now stack on top of each other and last longer on your screen
[Fixed] issue where flip vehicle wouldn't flip the vehicle over
[Fixed] slight visual glitch with building menu on hammer
[Fixed] log errors with loot spawning
[Fixed] issue that caused ground fog to not last the entire night time
[Fixed] issue that caused player to die on spawn in (chernarus)
[Fixed] players will now spawn properly on top of sleeping bags
[Removed] entirety of the group system
[Removed] 2 building types from Open Chernarus Project Mod that was spawning too high in the air

[Added] cap on how many AI helicopters can spawn per restart
[Added] new zombie uniform (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] new zombie face/skin texture (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] ported Chernarus map files for upcoming server
[Changed] textures on all vehicle attachments
[Changed] removed geometery from vehicle attachments to fix vehicle bug on restart
[Changed] slightly reduced the amount of loot piles at heli crash sites
[Removed] LAV, BRDM2, and Vodnik from spawning (too militarized for what we're going for)
[Changed] spawning logic for heli crashes
[Changed] added background and animations to the building menu
[Changed] all metal textures (again)
[Fixed] lag issue with zombies at the southern military complex

[Added] Enhanced Movement Mod
[Added] Zombies now have a proper 'roaming' state
[Added] You now have a chance to lose zombies without having to run 1km away
[Added] Safe model with texture
[Added] Ability to build new safe
[Added] Locked storage functionality which was applied to new safe
[Added] Ability to allow friends to open your safe
[Added] Security to disallow non-owners and non-friends from being able to open safes/view inventory
[Added] Support for Open Chernarus Project Mod
[Added] Zombie recycle function. While at max zombie count, zombies will be teleported to the next zombie spawn location, instead of killing them off after gaining a good distance
[Added] Inventory icon for safe
[Added] Safe item to low level/common, construction, and helicrash loot tables
[Changed] Barrels and trash boxes now spawn on the sides of roads instead of directly in the center
[Changed] Loot spawning system completely reworked. Items on loot tables now have their own rarity value instead of all items have an equal chance to spawn
[Changed] Enhanced Movement mod's settings to only allow changing the keybind for jumping/climbing
[Changed] Zombies are completely reworked from ground up
[Changed] All new textures for metal objects
[Changed] New texture for pickaxe
[Changed] Durability rating on each tent has been doubled
[Changed] All new textures for wood base objects
[Changed] Made optimizations to vehicle loading
[Fixed] Added a tree type to the list of choppable trees

hotfix for door actions

[Added] ability to reload the weapons on the huey using the M240 100rnd belts
[Added] functionality to save vehicle turrets' current loaded magazines in database, with correct ammo count
[Added] functionality to load magazines back into turrets after server restart
[Added] M2 .50cal ammo belt to heli crash loot table
[Added] ability to reload M2 on offroad truck
[Added] ability to reload PKM on offroad truck
[Added] ability to reload M240 on LAV25
[Added] ability to reload DSHKM on armed UAZ
[Added] ability to reload PKM on Vodnik
[Added] ability to reload M2 on HUMVEE
[Added] ability to reload M240 on HUMVEE
[Added] ability to reload PKM on BRDM
[Added] DS houses addon (this gives interiors to some buildings that you normally cant go into)
[Added] loot spawns for new DS houses
[Changed] scroll actions' framework, optimization
[Changed] looping functions, optimizations
[Changed] all vehicles with mounted guns spawn with zero ammo
[Changed] Land claims can now hold all items instead of just repair items
[Changed] all floor types now have smooth geometery instead of having the bevels. Hopefully this will help with vehicles spawning after a restart
[Changed] rearranged some code for vehicle spawning
[Changed] zombies and other AI can no longer walk on, or through base objects
[Fixed] exploit with groups
[Fixed] paracuting from air vehicles works again
[Fixed] lag issues with zombies and player made bases items

- CUP - Terrains Core
- CUP Units
- CUP Vehicles
- CUP Weapons
- Community Base Addons A3
- Enhanced Movement
- Fox SurvivalCars

Steam Workshop:
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