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Short description: A modular and easy to use mission making framework, for both beginners and advanced users.

Date: 2015-12-22 09:47

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BromA Framework MK3


The BromA Framework is a community effort made by the BromA group in order to establish a standard shared across all missions - which could then be customized by the content maker.

Since this could only be made thanks to shared scripts, missions and all sorts of knowledge, this project is entirely open-source and interested users are free to play with it as much as they want.

Also keeping up with good practices, most functionality is modular and therefore optional to the user: adding and disabling plugins from the mission is extremely easy.

Full feature list.

    ACE3, AGM, TFAR, ACRE2, ALIVE and DAC are fully integrated.
    AI spawning system, complete with unit caching for performance.
    Cargo loading made simple.
    Casualty Cap and Body Removal, taken from the F3 Framework with given credits.
    Casualty Cap for civilians.
    Commander Lock.
    JIPs can teleport to their squadmates when joining.
    Limit player movement to the AO.
    Loading screen to avoid desync at mission start.
    Mission time limit.
    Plugin system makes sharing functionality super easy.
    Respawn system with tickets and respawn waves.
    Setup Zone for TvTs.
    Spawn protection.
    Tasks system which is very flexible and simple to understand.
    Team Roster.
    Team killing warning.
    Very effective loadout system.
    Well organized and context-agnostic.

Installation / Usage:
Simply drop it into your missions folder.

Documentation is available here.
Change log

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Although in the future I plan on making a series of video tutorials explaining how to properly utilize every aspect of the Framework, so far the best I've managed is a bunch of dumb streams of myself making missions. This might help you get started on it, but otherwise I recommend the Wiki for documentation.

This project is young and still has a long way to go: If you run into some trouble or just have any questions, please hit me up on Steam any time and I'll get back to you ASAP. As a small side note, someone has taken the time to impersonate me on reddit; I do not ever post there so please, kindly ignore whatever is in that account.

We hope this Framework helps you to finally make those mission scenarios you've always wanted to make, and then more. Thanks for giving it a shot!

Credits & Thanks:
    BromA and /a3g/, for being awesome dudes who keep things fun.
    Ferstaberinde for his work on the F3 Framework and Naught & Olsen for the Core Framework, which basically inspired this one into existing.

License / Disclaimer:
This project is open-source and free for everyone to use and abuse; if you want to credit me for any of it go ahead but otherwise I really don't care. However, the same might not be true for the authors of the original scripts so please be considerate and don't remove the licenses I've included.

List of all contributors.

- fixes an issue with ACE3, where the scores from deaths wouldn't be given to the appropriate killers. It uses a bit of a workaround but it seems to work just fine.

- Added a Round System, inspired by rsdnfsdn. Aimed to be highly
flexible and easily customizable, this plugin manages a TvT's rounds
including respawning, scoring system, event handling, and more. It comes
DISABLED as it needs other usually essential plugins to be off. I highly
suggest you try it out.
- Added a new functionality to the plugin system: you can now have other
plugins declared as conflicts, and whenever both are running together, a
message will appear, warning the user of which plugin needs what plugins
- Added disableRemoteSensors to TvT settings, to save some sweet, tender
- Added the ACE3 Spectator plugin, and changed all declarations of CSSA3
to be more modular.
- Added a new functionality to the doLog feature: logging will only
occur if a certain user determined condition is met, such as environment
debugging variables.

Updated DAC Events to change the loadout of the crewmen from spawned
Updated the garrison script by Zenophon to its latest version. (#27)
Removed the scaleUnits function as it was useless. (#31)
Removed unused variables from the DAC plugin's dictionary. (#31)
Fixed AI Spawn script issue where AI needed invisible helipads to land
on rough terrain. (#32)

- first public release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons A3

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