Author: TheBarret
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: Single medic unit that searches for injured units and travels to location to heal.

Date: 2015-10-18 16:19

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Advanced Auto Medic Unit Script


Third revision of the (AMU) Auto Medic Unit, the main goal of this script is to be assigned to a medic unit
and heal automatically nearby units, if the distance is too far a vehicle will be obtained if any around.
Inside the 'medic.sqf' file are some more variables you can fine tweak for your needs.

Installation / Usage:

This line should go to the init field of the medic unit.

_null = [<unit>,<side>,<hq marker(optional)>] execVM "Medic.sqf";

Medic will heal all nearby units:
_null = [This,"All"] execVM "Medic.sqf";

Medic will heal only west side and create a medical outpost marker:
_null = [This,"West","HQ_Marker"] execVM "Medic.sqf";

Be gentle with the '_maxSearchUnitDistance' and '_maxSearchVehDistance' variables,
greater then ~1000 is costly for your game performance.

License / Disclaimer:
As far as changing the script, you are free to do with it as you please, happy gaming lads ^^

Removed redundant and optimized parts of the script
Created separate scripts for each tasks (code reuse)

- Unit can be assigned to heal anybody or a faction in specific
* Accepted arguments: "WEST", "EAST", "GUER", "CIV" or "ALL"
- Medical Outpost HQ (Creates a medic building and unit will return to this outpost when idle)
- Unit neutral mode (Unit will not be marked as hostile with the use of Captive function)
- Unit allow damage (Unit will not die with the use of AllowDamage function)
- Usage of vehicles and if true a vehicle will be obtained if any, a fixed vehicle is optional as well)
- The following parameters can be changed manually:
* Max search radius for injured units
* Max walking distance before using vehicle
* Max radius for vehicle search
- Changed the 'MoveTo' vehicle into a 'Waypoint' instead
- Changed some of the 'WaitUntil' with an additional time out value to prevent unit to get stuck

- first release

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