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Version: 2.3

Short description: ArmA 3 RPT Viewer is a tool that eliminates the burning patience of having to go through directories, just to view a .RPT file.

Date: 2015-10-31 08:54

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ArmA 3 Report Viewer


ArmA 3 RPT Viewer is a tool that eliminates the burning patience of having to go through directories, just to view a .RPT file. With this tool, you can:
- Select which Bohemia Interactive Game you want the .RPT list to be populated with.
- Select which .RPT file you want viewed, thus displaying it within the tool.
- Copy the selected .RPT's content for quick pasting such as for Troubleshooting topics that need to be answered.
- Save another copy of the .RPT file to your preferred directory.

This tool also comes with a refresh button, if you have relaunched the game while the tool is running. Clicking the refresh button will reload the .RPT content list, in case you have deleted an .RPT/s or started arma again.

Installation / Usage:
For MAC/Apple Users:
- Please note that this tool has only been tested in Microsoft Windows' environment. If anything goes wrong such as tool/app incompatibility, I claim no responsibility for this cause.

For PC/Laptop Users: (Windows)
1. Extract 'arma3RPTViewer.exe' to your preferred directory. (You can always create a home folder within "Program Files (x86)")
2. Launch 'arma3RPTViewer.exe'.
3. If you want to access it more in the future, right-click on the running app in your taskbar, then select 'Pin this program to taskbar'.
4. Done! Now get out there, and make some cool stuff for your friends, relatives, community, etc..

Credits & Thanks:
Author: Rawner135
Cursor: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3)
Logo: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3)

License / Disclaimer:
This tool has been designed for ONLY Bohemia Interactive's purposes. This includes:
- Official Forums
- Official Community
- Bohemia Interactive (BI) & Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) Developers.
- Anything related to BI and/or their games.

You may:
- Use this tool at your convenience.
- Use its functions and/or features to help create your content in any way. (This includes sharing your .RPT to forum discussions)
- Use the tool to help others and/or Bohemia Interactive's business. (Bohemia Interactive & Bohemia Interactive Simulations Devs are welcome to use it!)

You may not:
- Use the tool in any way to disrupt or use against Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Simulations.
- Use the tool for hacking purposes. (If you do so, BattlEye will be aware of it)
- Use the tool for other purposes/games such as GTA, COD, BF or any other 3rd Party game/software.
- Re-publish the tool for non-commercial/commercial purposes. Only sites, games, etc., related to Bohemia Interactive (such as Armaholic) are allowed to re-publish the tool.
- Edit the code/language inside the tool. (If you do so, I also claim no responsibility for any failures)

Added: Functionality - View currently used .RPT file by game.
Added: Functionality - Resizing Program.
Added: System - Temp .RPT location for faster viewing.
Fixed: Crash - Viewing currently used .RPT file by game.

Added: Category - Arma 3 (Server)
Added: Category - ArmA 2 (Server)
Added: Category - ArmA 2: OA (Server)
Fixed: Bug - Error prompts on unused .RPT if game launched.
Tweaked: Code - App is a little faster when using better control structures and functions.
Tweaked: List Box - Hides .RPT used by current game.

Fixed: Issue - Error prompts, even though you don't have one of the games. (Replaced "if" control structure with "switch")

Added: New option for Category - ArmA 2: OA.
Fixed: App crashes if you do not have a particular game.
Fixed: App crashes if you open a .RPT, used by a currently running game.

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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