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Requirements: MiG-15bis by Bdfy & Volksturm
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-03-29 06:38

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Sahrani is getting close to war. US forces are preparing to enter and occupy our sovereign state. Several enemy recon planes have been spotted in our skies, intelligence reports possible enemy diversion groups imposing on our territory as well. Due to this state of alert, that is why our army, including air forces, are alerted and operational. Regular scrambles and target practices are being carried out.

This campaign contains 6 missions.

Voiced by sansey, SniperGRU, Voenkom, ArtGer, Lost, SLAYER, CHAS.

Sounds from ECP 1.085 mod, "Retaliation: Peacemaker" and "Near Dark: Armageddec" campaigns are used in this campaign. Thanks to the authors of these projects.

Extract to your ArmA\Campaigns folder.

Credits & Thanks:
SniperGRU, ArtGer for restless testing and plot design help.
Lost for scripting support.
Loktew for artistic skills.
StumbleR and Ducatisto for translation.

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