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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Improves and optimizes the way you can command your AI Squad

Date: 2017-10-22 11:15

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Advanced Command System


Today I'm really exited to present you my new creation. This Mod has been in development about the last one and a half years. I've taken this time to provide you an lightweight and easy to use base for controlling your Units. This mod will combine the old with the new.

Maybe some of you will remember the Command Overhaul Mod which I have done two or three years ago.
Well I know this mod wasn't that stable or good written. But over the time I've learned a lot about Arma's scripting, so this mod is on a whole other level of quality . But to come to the point, the Command Overhaul Mod is something like the ancestor, to my new Advanced Command System, which I want you to present today.

So today will be the day, where commanding your squad will not be a pain in the a**. Instead you will have an easy and intuitive experience. The Main Focus of this Mod is to provide you Guys an easy and uncomplicated way of how you order your units in SP.(not tested in MP)

To archive this, I reorganized the BI's default menus and Keybinding especially the process of how you select your units and menu has been optimized and streamlined. This said, the mod is ideal for beginners of Arma 3, but also for people who never could arrange with the method provided by BI (like my self).

There are not really new commands at the moment (but this will come at a later stage).

easy and intuitive way of ordering your units
No more “Ninja-Finger” practice on your Keyboard. That means no more hazzle with your Menu selection.
new way of selecting your units
preassigned team-colors
more visual feedback
configurable to your likening via menu.
and you can de-/activate this Mod at any given time Ingame.

To install the Advanced Command System you should use modfolders to keep it separate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Advanced Command System please refer to the included documentation.

Keys which play a part in this Mod:
Switch Command Menu (new action assigned)
select all Units (new action)
Command Menu 1 (new action assigned)
Command Menu 2 (new action assigned)
Command Menu 3 (new action assigned)
Command Menu 4 (new action assigned)
Command Menu 5 (new action assigned)

How does the mod Work:
select all Units: toggles (preassigned) team-color - Tab recommended
ctrl + select all Units: if C2 is activated then it will quick select the preassigned units in C2 HUD-Mode.
Switch Command Menu: selects (preassigned) single unit - ^ recommended
Switch Command Menu + Crosshair: will preassign the single unit in your Crosshair.
Command Menu1: hold down to have quick movement and targeting available.

Next: to cancel Movement order when key is back up again.

Previous: to switch back to move again.

Next: if target insight- order unit to only target this target.

Previous: if target insight- order unit to target and allow free targeting.

Command Menu 2 hold down to access Menu 2 (Movement)
Command Menu 3 hold down to access Menu 3(Combat)
Command Menu 4 hold down to access Menu 4 (Actions/Grenade) if grenade was selected, they grenade will be thrown when key is back up again.
Next: cancel throw.
Previous: allow throw.
Command Menu 5 hold down to access Menu 5 (Radioa/Communication)

Yep that's it. It is that simple.

Credits & Thanks:
All scripts in this mod are done completely by me. There is only one script that i had to „steal“ from MadCheese. It just a tiny snipped of his awesome Grenade mode.

I have to thank many people in the BI community for this mod, even if they self never have helped my personally.
BIS for making this awesome Game.
KillzoneKid (his Blog/Website is a true helper in need).
and all the other people who were kind enough to share their knowledge over the Arma forum.

License / Disclaimer:
modification (for public usage) of the contents of this addon requires my written permission. This statement must be an official statement. Stated in the official Bohemia Interactive-Forum.
Should permission be granted the content and derivatives of it are under the APL-SA license.
The contents of this addon are not allowed for any type of commercial use. that includes derivatives of it.

Version 1.2; 22.10.2017
- Added: varoius smaller scirpting fixes and tweaks.
- Added: Line Up Command -> Can be found under Movement menu Defence.
- Added: HC Command support.
- Added: drawline3D for Assignedtarget. Should make oversight for target coordination alot easier.
- Added: drawline3D for movementpostion. Should make oversight for movement coordination alot easier.
- Added: Supressive Fire command to target menu.
-removed: C2 Support

Fixed: removed obsolete Function entry from Config (which was causing an error Massage)

- Fixed: Grenademode Bug. Would'nt work without C2.
- Added: 360 Defence. Find under "Movement Menu"Defence.
- Changed: switched Keybind to CBA.
- Changed: Configuration Menu (not needed atm).
- Reomved: Quick Targeting/Movement. Had some Clitches and was in a way redundant.

- first release

- Community Base addons A3

C2/ Command and Control is recommended but absolutely not necessary

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- BI forums

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